Must Every Office Phone Booth Feel Like An Upright Coffin?

Open-plan offices have been popular in the recent era. In a traditional workplace setting, you could shut the office door to receive a call, but when all the employees work from a single room, phone noise becomes an issue.

Hence, manufacturers like TalkBox have come up with innovative phone booth solutions to make employees’ lives easy and more productive.

While on call, you might feel distracted as other people around you might be watching you and trying to hear your conversation.

Phone booths have become an integral part of an interior designer’s design plan. This enables people to have a designated place to make and receive phone calls. Phone booths can be easily installed in your office.

There are several manufacturers engaged in building customized office phone booths as per your specific needs and requirements. Phone Booth rooms can be easily repurposed from a utility closet or any unused space outfitted with a table, ventilation, and seat.

Phone booths offer acoustic and visual privacy that align with the trends in your office space. They come in various designs, colors, and patterns to suit the preferences of everyone.

Installing one or two phone booths in your office can bring a sense of privacy and comfort to all the employees using them. Many office staff members don’t use a phone booth daily.

But the fact that a phone booth exists in the office and one can have a private space to make and receive calls has a positive impact on the employees’ minds. Acoustic phone booths and soundproof phone booths are the needs of every customer in today’s world.

Acoustic phone booths are fully enclosed and lined with acoustic panels. They can be supplied with top-notch accessories like whiteboards, air circulation systems, or USB chargers to make your video conference call more comfortable.

Gone are the days when entering a phone booth felt like getting yourself trapped inside a coffin.

Nowadays, phone booths are equipped with a lot of features like comfortable seating, good air circulation, and good interior design elements that make your time spent inside pleasant and productive.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Selecting A Phone Booth

How Many Employees Are Going To Use The Phone Booth

Before you start to shop, you must observe the day-to-day activities in your office. If you are working in an office where many meetings are conducted, selecting a bigger booth is necessary. A bigger booth will enable good air circulation.

Phone booths that can accommodate two people can be the best choice for bigger offices.

They have built-in comfortable seating and desk space for not more than two laptops. The comfort level should be ideal, not less, not more; otherwise, people will end up spending more significant hours of the day there.

Area Of The Phone Booth

The area is another factor that should not be overlooked. Big offices can afford to install large phone booths.

If you have a cramped office, select your ideal phone booth as per the available space. Many manufacturers are building compact phone booths which rank high in terms of utility and have all the necessary features just like the bigger ones.

Good Cross Ventilation

A phone booth should have good cross-ventilation; otherwise, the person talking on the phone might feel suffocated, and it would be impossible for them to stay inside for a longer time.

Nowadays, manufacturers offer phone booths made from breathable materials that facilitate good air circulation inside. Some phone booths also have provisions for vents. We’ve enlisted a few benefits that office phone booths offer:

Privacy: A little privacy would be great when making or receiving a phone call. Employees often need to leave the room and go outside or to another room to make phone calls. A phone booth offers a lot of privacy and keeps your conversation discreet.

The amount of noise entering the phone booth determines how well you can focus on the conversation going on over the phone. Also, the distraction caused by various noises can increase your employee’s stress levels.

Eliminates Cacophony: Offering an option of a private area has tons of benefits. People can make their phone calls without disturbing anyone else. Thereby ensuring that the employees’ level of productivity is intact.

Comfort and Confidence: All employees would definitely feel more comfortable and confident talking inside a phone booth since their conversations would not be monitored all the time. Neither of the fellow employees sitting around them can hear their conversation.