My daily horoscope: What will May 19th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

The Cosmic Cradle is an unusual and powerful cosmic alignment. Its arrival, with the New Moon, encourages us to nurture resources and dream of how we can live in more sustainable ways. 

With dynamic Mars and the Sun changing signs this weekend, the cosmos offers us new tools and toys to work and play with. It’s time to run with innovative ideas. 

With the freedom to experiment and have fun, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.


Mar 21 – Apr 20 

Astrologers often list impatience as one of your characteristics. Which shows how little they know you. You are, for example, as patient as St George (just before he headed out to deal with the dragon) or Joan of Arc (as she set forth into battle). You’re capable of demonstrating perfect patience. But while others sit back and wait for things to happen, you prefer taking action to get what you want. As your ruler, Mars, changes signs, you’re at your impetuous best. Watch out world! 

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Oscar Cainer says that the Cosmic Cradle is an unusual and powerful cosmic alignment. Its arrival, with the New Moon, encourages us to nurture resources and dream of how we can live in more sustainable ways


Apr 21 – May 21 

We know subconscious thoughts are every bit as vital as conscious ones . . . it’s just that, because we’re not conscious of them, we don’t quite know what they are! Yet, like a computer hard-drive, our minds whirr away quietly in the background, informing everything we do, think or feel. However unbiased and rational we try to be, we can never be truly objective. Or can we? You’ve thought and thought about your present conundrum. This weekend, if you focus on your feelings, you’ll intuitively know how to sort it. 

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 May 22 – June 22 

Occasional moments of sudden insight happen to all of us. Epiphanies alter the course of our lives instantaneously and for ever. No wonder they’re rare! Yet although change is something to celebrate, it can also confuse us. As the Sun moves into your sign at the start of your birthday season, it brings a realisation that may not feel significant. Yet like a seed grows into a magnificent tree, a revelation this weekend will shift the direction your life takes, in a positive way.

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June 23 – July 23

Nothing puts the brakes on faster than fear. It stops us in our tracks. Yet this challenging emotion is useful. It encourages us to look before we leap. Without fear and doubt, we’d run headlong into dangerous situations. It’s only when they become disproportionate and take over our lives that we run into problems. The key is to accept our worries, but not let them override any positive potential. Your concerns, this weekend, exist for a reason. Listen to them. They’ll empower you to make a great decision. 

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July 24 – Aug 23

Superheroes appeal to us because they do amazing things but have all-too-human problems. Superman has issues with relationships and his job. Iron Man has some psychological challenges. And surely the Invisible Girl suffers from an inferiority complex? If faced with any trials this weekend, you have the ability to deal with them. Under the New Moon, and with dynamic Mars entering your sign, you’ll be able to find creative, effective ways to leap into action. Solve problems. Ease troubles. 

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My daily horoscope: What will May 19th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all

My daily horoscope: What will May 19th 2023 bring for MY star sign? Oscar Cainer tells all


Aug 24 – Sep 23 

You can’t see the point of arguments. Which is why you don’t bother to confront anyone unless you know you’re right. What’s frustrating is that, when you point out the obvious, other folk can be oblivious to your insight and fail to accept your views. This is a consequence of the fact that lots of people (without your wisdom) don’t hesitate to shout their ideas from the rooftop. In order to share an important, carefully considered view this weekend, you might have to be insistent. But it’s worth it. 

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Sep 24 – Oct 23 

The book of tomorrow is locked away in a stronghold box. No one can access it. Nothing can infiltrate its pages. Until it becomes the book of today, tomorrow is a clean sheet. So how can anyone claim to have insight about what it holds? While the movement of the planets gives us a good indication, we can perceive intentions and identify what people want to do with their tomorrows. And we can gauge the likelihood of them turning plans into actions. Remember: tomorrow is something you create. 

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Oct 24 – Nov 22 

We all stick to routines and habits. Once we’ve established a pattern, we can’t resist following it. It’s easy, safe and familiar. We don’t have to think. So we just carry on doing what we do. Besides, who has got time to re-invent the wheel? If your adventurous spirit seems to have snuggled up on the sofa to enjoy watching re-runs of old films, there’s no reason to disturb it. You deserve some time to relax. Following tried-and-tested formulae will be more than enough to see you through the weekend. 

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Nov 23 – Dec 21

AT TIMES our feelings can be illogical, so sometimes it makes sense to experience an emotion. If you feel bad, and you know why, at least you know why you feel what you feel. In a strange way, the fact you can make sense of your feelings is reassuring. It’s another thing when you’re dealing with a mood you don’t like, but can’t ascribe it to anything. This weekend brings reasons to be happy. You don’t have to understand why — just use your positivity to transform a source of concern. 

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Dec 22 – Jan 20 

It starts when we enter the education system. Although teachers might be caring and keen to nurture individual talents, they’ve got a whole class of kids to keep in order. And if one of them pushes the boundaries, the rest will follow suit. So we learn to conform to standards of behaviour. It’s also when the fear of authority begins. We have to comply with instructions. And we have to accept official reasons and explanations. Sometimes, of course, we really shouldn’t do this. You might just need to rebel this weekend. 

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Jan 21 – Feb 19

It can be important to say it like it is sometimes. That’s unfortunate, since people can hear it in a way that suits their purposes. Could you make the point you need to make more delicately? Possibly. Would someone be more likely to do what you’d like them to do if you ask them more nicely? Probably. This weekend, you need to find the right balance. State your argument simply and plainly. But do so with politeness and respect. Sometimes a spoonful of sugar really does do the trick. 

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Feb 20 – Mar 20 

If you’re missing a vital piece of information, you need to ask. If you know something someone needs to know, don’t wait for them to ask. Although they say ignorance is bliss, and we know messengers are sometimes shot for delivering unwelcome news, you have a duty to help someone you care about. Which doesn’t mean you have to divulge all the facts. But you don’t want to be part of a deception. Sharing what you know, while being discreet, will help untangle a messy problem this weekend. 

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