My daughter and stepdaughter are jealous of each other but I refuse to treat them equally – and people are supporting me

A father has sparked debate after he revealed how he stood up to his wife when she suggested his teenage daughter hand over some of her wages to her step-sister.

The US man aired his frustrations on a Reddit forum, explaining that his teenage daughter is a gifted athlete and brings home $1,200 a week for teaching elementary school tennis.

However his stepdaughter, 16, earns only $200 a week at a burger restaurant and is jealous of her stepsister who can afford to buy all the latest clothes and electronics with her earnings. 

His wife has now suggested that his daughter hands over some of her money to her stepsister to make up the difference or that they cough up the cash themselves to create an equal playing field.  

The majority of Reddit users were astounded by the request and branded the wife ‘delusional’ and ‘jealous’.  

The father was left stunned after his wife suggested that his daughter should share her pay or they should front the bill for the difference in earnings between the two girls

He and his wife have signed the step-daughter up to a range of activities in the hope it  will shrink the growing jealousy between the two

He and his wife have signed the step-daughter up to a range of activities in the hope it  will shrink the growing jealousy between the two

The father explained he and his partner both have teenage daughter from previous relationships. 

His daughter is active and outgoing, taking part in an array of sports including golf, soccer, softball, volleyball and basketball.

The proud parent said that once his daughter picked up a tennis racket, she ‘never looked back’.

The teenager is reportedly ‘one of the best’ players in her school and, for a while, her father splashed out on private lessons.

However, once she discovered the price of the lessons she chose to subsidize them herself by getting a job.

She bagged herself a job as a tennis tutor to elementary school children, where she charges $75 per child every hour.

However problems began to arise in the household, when his wife began to point out the disparity between the two girls’ wages.

He said they began to ‘whisper-argue’ after she suggested it was ‘unfair’ his daughter could afford all of the latest gadgets and fashions whilst her daughter earned only $200 working at a burger cafe.

The father was left stunned when she suggested his daughter share her pay packet with the step-sibling or they pay the difference due to the jealousy brewing between the two.

He disagreed with the idea, especially when the wife reiterated it the following morning and accused him of ‘playing favourites’.

The man continued to refuse, saying it was a good life lesson for the two young girls.

He reasoned that his step-daughter had been given the same opportunities to develop her sporting ability, but had often quit after a week or two.

He has now signed his step-daughter up to the same sports as his daughter, in the hope it will encourage the pair to bond.

However, he isn’t optimistic about his step-child’s potential, writing: ‘Before getting this job, she spent much of her free time playing games so I’m at a loss to think of any marketable skills she could leverage into tutoring.’

Reddit users have flooded the comments with support for the father, branding his wife and stepdaughter as ‘jealous’, ‘unreasonable’ and ‘delusional’.

One user wrote: ‘Your wife and stepdaughter are not entitled to anyone’s money except for their own. 

‘My brother makes way more than me, does this mean he has to help pay for my new car?’

Another added: ‘It’s NOT your daughter’s job to provide for her step-sister and your wife needs to get a grip.’

A person urged the father to stand his ground, quipping ‘Your daughter’s money is her own business. Not to share.’ 

While one user said the wife was ‘seriously out of line’ and that: ‘She needs to take a step back.’

Other suggested the stepdaughter was trying ‘her best’ and the parents could support her more, commenting: ‘Maybe you can chip something in for her to get better stuff – but your daughter’s money is HERS and hers alone. 

However, some had a more balanced point of view and felt sorry for the man’s stepdaughter. 

One wrote that he seems to see his stepdaughter ‘as an add-on to his daughter rather than a separate kid in her own right who has her own interests and preferences’. 

Another agreed it sounded like the stepfather was trying to put the girl in a box instead of helping her in ‘finding and developing her own interests. Also known as parenting’.