My First Vape Tips for Beginners

When you start using electronic cigarettes, it is normal to be lost for a while but you can be sure that it seems complicated only for a while and then you can master it.

Electronic cigarettes are basically divided into: Battery / MOD and Atomizer. The mod is your vape body and is responsible for the electrical parts of the device, the atomizer and the part of the electronic cigarette that turns the juice into steam. This happens through the resistance within it. For your info, my favorite one is Ambition Mods.

Understand a little about the parts of electronic cigarettes:

Device: It unites all parts into one body. There are many models available and there are also other models that can produce more steam and high-tech features that can show the date and even the amount of “steam”. If this is none of your business, you can buy a simpler model, with a built-in battery ready, just enter the liquid of your choice. Visit  to find some interesting collections.

Sprayers: Inside the sprayers or tanks where liquid is placed and also where air flow control and steam production through obstacles occur.

Mod: Most devices already have an internal battery, but some models require an external battery that has a battery format and can be recharged or replaced.

Coil or Resistance: Resistors are very small and function like bathing. They heat up and turn your electronic liquid into steam. What makes it warm is a device that receives power from the battery. They are produced in a variety of materials such as Titanium, Stainless Steel, Khalal Wire and Nickel. Some more experienced vapers build their own resistors, but most atomizers come with ready-made resistors that can be replaced.

Liquids: Liquids for electronic cigarettes are found in various flavors, with or without nicotine. They are divided into several categories such as: squatting, fruit, desserts and even menthol. At the time of purchase, you can also choose the nicotine content in your liquid. The liquid consists of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and essence.

The first step:

– When purchasing a vape, read the instruction manual that came with the device. It has all the introductory information for proper use of this device.

– Charge your electronic cigarette via a USB cable for at least 4 hours before using it for the first time. To find out if your device is charged is quite simple: make sure the charging light is off or the screen informs you that the battery is 100% charged or the light turns green.

– This device has an ON / OFF button, which is usually the same as that which is activated to evaporate (usually 5 quick clicks to turn on and 5 fast clicks to turn off). If you don’t hold the button while steaming, steam won’t come out.

But beware: You don’t have to press this button without pulling air through the nozzle, because without passing air through resistance, it will burn!

– The first time you use your device, try filling the atomizer half and drop it 3 to 4 drops through the nozzle. Wait a few minutes to use. You can repeat this process every time you change resistance.

– Duration of resistance depends on several factors such as: time of use, form of use (or abuse), liquids of doubtful quality, among others. But keep in mind that it must be replaced as soon as you feel burning because it is a device filter.

My device is heating up, is that normal?

Yes, think that the resistance needs to be heated to produce steam, so the device will heat up. I feel a few drops of liquid go back to my mouth when I draw air through my mouth, is that normal? Yes, this is called spitback. Possible causes are:

– The tank is too full. If possible, try filling the tank in half, so that your coil is not always wet with liquid.

– Bad source liquid. Some liquids have a mild density and are not intended to be used in electronic cigarettes. Try to use products that are indicated and known, because the product of doubtful origin, in addition to increasing spitback, can be harmful to health. I recommend you to buy Vapeciga products.

– The coil is screwed inside the spray gun. When installing your device, make sure it is installed correctly, as leaving space between the coil and the atomizer base, as well as causing leaks, can increase the likelihood of spitback.

– Leave the device in a horizontal (lying) position when not in use.

Hopefully the information in this article is useful for you.

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