Mystery surrounds footy star Clayton Oliver’s health as disgraceful rumour goes viral after he was taken to hospital

  • Melbourne Demons star, 26, taken to hospital recently 
  • Player, club, AFL have not released reason for visit 
  • Oliver rumoured to be unhappy at club 

Demons star Clayton Oliver was admitted to the emergency department of a Melbourne hospital on Thursday, sparking disgraceful online rumours that he had died.

The 26-year-old has been discharged from Footscray Hospital in the city’s west after undergoing a CT scan and X-ray and has since spoke to his club, SEN reported.

However, the Demons, the AFL and Oliver have not said why he had to attend the emergency department – with fans filling the information vacuum with shocking and unfounded rumours he had died.

The online gossip surfaced early on Thursday afternoon, prompting footy fans to desperately seek more information on his health.

Oliver was admitted to Footscray Hospital on Thursday, where he had a CT scan and X-ray – but the reason for his visit remains unknown. He has since been discharged

Oliver was also the subject of rumours about his health earlier this season when he missed three months of football after suffering a minor hamstring strain, followed by an infected blister that put him in hospital for four days.

There was even unfounded scuttlebutt that he had to be hospitalised due to an infection he suffered while giving himself a tattoo. 

‘The other suggested reasons for him not playing are ridiculous and disappointing and bloody hard for Clayton and his family and friends to deal with,’ Melbourne football boss Alan Richardson said at the time.

More recently, several AFL clubs have asked about the possibility of acquiring him in a trade.

The 26-year-old was also the subject of rumours earlier this year when he missed three months of footy due to a hamstring strain and infected blister

The 26-year-old was also the subject of rumours earlier this year when he missed three months of footy due to a hamstring strain and infected blister

Rival AFL clubs had circled Oliver, believing he was available as a trade option despite a long-term contract until 2030, amid reports Melbourne wanted him to improve his attitude and off-field behaviour.

But after days of silence, the Demons poured cold water on a potential trade on Friday and committed to helping Oliver through his ‘personal circumstances’.

‘It’s been confronting, but out of all of this it’s an opportunity to grow,’ Oliver’s manager Nick Gieschen told AFL Media after having a dinner with Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin.

‘Off the back of a lot of the hard, honest, robust conversations it’s given him a chance to get some stuff off his chest and some time to heal.

‘He very much loves the Melbourne Football Club, it’s like his family.

‘He’s grown up there, he feels very strongly about the footy club and the players and coaches, and sometimes families fight but he’s got enormous respect for ‘Goody’.

‘And as much as it’s been challenging I don’t think he can see himself playing under another coach because of all the support he’s had from the footy club.’

Oliver’s relationship with the club reportedly worsened after the team was bundled out of the finals in a loss to Carlton.

He turned up to his exit meeting with club officials more than an hour late and was told not to be present at another season review with his teammates, according to The Age.