Naples Gulf Front Homes for Sale: Pros and Cons of Living Near Water

Gulf front properties remain the dream house for most people, and Naples, Florida, is the best location for buying oceanfront homes. The coastline county houses over 30 incredible white sand beaches and aqua blue oceans.

While you might want to quickly jump on any available Naples gulf front homes for sale you come across, sign the paperwork and hire movers to move in immediately, we advise that you exercise caution and read this article to the end.

Besides its numerous benefits, owning gulf front houses in Naples has its disadvantages also. Surprising, right? However, it’s in your discretion to decide which outweighs the other.

We’ve simply outlined the pros and cons of buying gulf access homes for sale Naples FL. We can’t decide for you. Thus, if you’re wondering whether buying a tidal house is okay, keep reading!

Pros of Buying Gulf Front Homes in Naples, FL

The sparkling blue sea, sedating sandy beaches, and the soothing breeze blowing your hair are some of the things you’ll get to see when you live in a gulf front home. Who wouldn’t enjoy waking up to this stunning scenery?

Buying Naples homes for sale near the beach also have the following benefits:

Helpful to Your Health

Oceans and other water bodies have always been a popular attraction point since man’s existence. Previously, people’s survival depended on their proximity to water. But nowadays, it’s not so consequential. While water is abundant these days, seas and oceans still attract tourists.

So why do humans gravitate unconsciously or consciously towards water? Because water is beneficial to health. Scientists have discovered that living close to water is therapeutic. Spending time close to rivers, lakes, and oceans significantly reduces your anxiety level and stress.

More so, the atmospheric and static water noise facilitates sound sleep and sparks creativity. Let’s not forget that when consumed moderately, clean air and seawater have significant effects on the lungs and skin.

Vacation Whenever You Want

Buying a single house for sale in Naples, Florida, close to the beach, is a surefire way to enjoy a continuous vacation whenever you want.

People often associate beaches with fun and holiday. Thus, a waterfront property might become your permanent vacation house unless you decide to sell in the future. Simply put, you get to enjoy a never-ending vacation with your beachfront property.

When down or ill, you can bask in Naples’s incredible sunset glow, dip in the ocean, appreciate the white sand on the beach, or sunbathe for some minutes. Such bliss! You can always look out your window any time you like and enjoy the stunning waves as they roll to the shore.

Strong Appreciation Potential

Gulf-front houses are amongst the real estate properties that have the highest appreciation. People will never stop going on vacations, as witnessed last year. Despite the ravaging pandemic, people still vacationed. However, most vacationers visited nearby places.

A waterfront property doesn’t lose its value; instead, it keeps appreciating due to its scarcity.

Good Financial Investment

Regardless of the way you view it, waterfront homes are an excellent investment. While these properties might cost more, they also offer more in return. Tidal properties are worth more in Naples’s real estate market. They’re a precious financial investment due to Florida’s famous weather.

Tourists are always desperate for these properties. Thus, people buying Naples gulf front homes for sale as their second home can effortlessly lease it out for a short while till they need it back.

What’s more? When you decide to sell your waterfront home, you’ll discover that your property is far more valuable than similarly structured homes that aren’t facing the waters.

Cons of Owning Gulf Front Homes in Naples, FL

Besides the numerous benefits of buying a gulf front property, there are some disadvantages you need to know before making a final decision. They include:

Too Much Sand

While white, sandy beaches appear mesmerizing in magazines, it’s another ball game when you live on waterfront property. The amount of sand you’ll find in your home might make you loathe sand with your whole soul.

Sand doesn’t recognize boundaries and thus encroaches on your home, hides in your bags, infiltrates your bed, floor, and even enters your electronics. You can’t escape from the sands while living on the beach; you can only learn to cope with it as long as you own the property.

High Expenses

It’s one thing to buy Naples vacation homes for sale and another to handle the expenses that come with owning the property. For instance, insurance premiums are costlier for waterfront homes due to the high hurricane and flood risks.

Because the property is located near water, you’ll need to regularly maintain the fence and any affected part of the house. Seawater is very damaging to wood. Hence it might cause damage if neglected.

Fortunately, Naples isn’t too prone to natural phenomena, so there’s a reduced probability of scouring downpours and winds.

Homeowners Insurance Costs

Another source of concern for people intending to buy Naples gulf front homes for sale is the expensive homeowner’s insurance. However, it depends on the water type near your property. For instance, waterfront home in Florida won’t have the same insurance as a lakefront home in Minnesota due to the lower risk of wind damage and hurricane.

Noise From Tourist

We advise that you stop dreaming of peaceful, quieter evenings immediately when you move into your waterfront property. Firstly, there’s a higher possibility of family and friends visiting to enjoy the new house and its stunning views.

Additionally, the waterfront will likely be filled with tourists all year round due to Florida’s warm weather. As America’s leading destination for vacation, your beachfront might be subjected to unending tourists, especially during summertime.

Wrapping Up

Buying waterfront properties in Naples is a huge achievement for most Americans due to the incredible benefits attached. However, as we’ve seen above, there are pitfalls to owning an oceanfront home. Thus, ensure you equip yourself with the necessary details before starting your search.

With this information, you can make an informed decision on whether to own a waterfront home in Naples, Florida.