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Navy leaders recommend REINSTATING USS Roosevelt captain

BREAKING: Navy leaders recommend REINSTATING USS Roosevelt captain who was fired after sending a letter pleading for help to fight covid outbreak on his aircraft carrier

  • Navy officials have recommended USS Roosevelt Captain Crozier be reinstated
  • Defense Secretary Mark Esper was handed the recommendations Friday but has asked for more time to decide on an outcome
  • 840 crew members on the Roosevelt have been infected with coronavirus  
  • Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19

Top Navy officials have called for ousted US Roosevelt Captain Crozier to be reinstated, in the latest saga for the coronavirus-stricken ship.   

The chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Michael M. Gilday, and the acting Navy secretary, James McPherson, told Defense Secretary Mark Esper to reinstate Crozier to his position Friday.

Esper has asked for more time to review the decision but is expected to announce the results of the Navy’s investigation into the matter Friday afternoon. 

This comes as 840 crew members on board the Roosevelt have now been infected by coronavirus.  

Former USS Theodore Roosevelt Cpt. Brian Crozier (pictured) could be reinstated 

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