NBA fans roast Shaquille O’Neal for comical error while describing Heat culture as he takes over commentary… after the legend claimed he was the ‘first big guy to bring the ball up the court’

  • Shaquille O’Neal was asked how he’d describe the culture of his former team
  • O’Neal’s flub in answering came after making fun of himself for his playing style
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NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal left fans in stitches when he made a glaring mistake during his commentary stint Tuesday night. 

The 51-year-old left his usual spot as part of the NBA on TNT’s in-studio panel for the In-Season Tournament matchup between the Miami Heat and the Milwaukee Bucks. 

The result was two memorable moments, where O’Neal reflected on his playing career.  

Next to fellow commentators Kevin Harlan and Reggie Miller, O’Neal made a bold claim minutes into the game. 

‘I was the first big guy to bring the ball up the court with style and charisma. Not Wemby, Not Bol Bol, but me,’ he said poking fun at Spurs’ 7-foot-4 rookie Victor Wembanyama and Bol. 

Sahquille O’Neal and Reggie Miller were both on commentary for Miami’s game Tuesday night

O'Neal played for the Heat from 2004-08, winning an NBA championship with Miami in 2006

O’Neal played for the Heat from 2004-08, winning an NBA championship with Miami in 2006

O’Neal followed that up by answering a question from Miller asking him to describe the Heat’s culture. He said: ‘I’m gonna define it in three words: discipline, motivation, and never giving up.’

Obviously, that’s a six-word phrase, and the internet had a field day. 

‘That was 6 words,’ one fan said on X.  

‘Been hanging around Chuck too long lmao,’ another fan said in reference to his colleague Charles Barkley. Another fan posted a GIF of someone doing a complex math problem. 

‘His brain didn’t work quick enough to think of resilience lol,’ another person stated on X.  

‘To which Reggie replied “no pun intended,”‘ due to Miller not recognizing O’Neal’s flub in real time. 

‘He bundled it,’ another fan quipped. ‘It’s fine I’ve seen the commercial.’

NBA fans on X roasted O'Neal after his on-air flub of describing the Heat's culture

NBA fans on X roasted O’Neal after his on-air flub of describing the Heat’s culture

O’Neal’s mistake had NBA fans reminiscing about a similar phrase uttered by Barkley on TNT over a decade ago. 

‘I got two words for you: Steve Nash and Chris Paul, must-see TV,” Barkley said in an eight-word phrase.

Barkley tried to correct himself and said ‘Nash and Paul,’ which is still one word over his self-imposed limit.  

O’Neal has yet to comment on his mistake, but knowing the vibe of NBA on TNT, the clip will be used as a rib on the 15-time All-Star in the coming days.