Neo-Nazis ‘plan to weaponize coronavirus’: Documents say white supremacists will wage germ warfare

Neo-Nazis ‘plan to weaponize coronavirus’: Documents distributed by federal law enforcement a month ago reveal white supremacists will wage germ warfare against law enforcement and non-whites by leaving saliva on door knobs at FBI offices

  • Authorities said neo-Nazis have been discussing coronavirus ‘bioterrorism’ 
  • Federal agencies monitored chat app Telegram said to be used by extremists 
  • White supremacists allegedly discussed ‘weaponizing’ the coronavirus
  • Plans allegedly included leaving saliva on doorknobs of FBI local offices
  • Federal investigators said these plans were being discussed as early as February 
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White supremacists discussed plans to ‘weaponize’ coronavirus by infecting non-whites and law enforcement agents through the use of spray bottles, laced items, or saliva, the federal government is alleging.

Federal investigators have reportedly been monitoring communications among white supremacist organizations through Telegram, an encrypted messaging app that has become popular among underground extremist movements.

‘Violent extremists continue to make bioterrorism a popular topic among themselves,’ according to an intelligence brief written by the Federal Protective Service.

The federal government said it is monitoring neo-Nazi chats online where extremists have talked about ‘weaponizing’ the coronavirus. The image above shows a member of the Ku Klux Klan during a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in July 2017

White supremacists have allegedly been promoting the idea of spreading coronavirus against their enemies. The image above shows a high-resolution photo of SARS-CoV-2 as seen under a microscope

White supremacists have allegedly been promoting the idea of spreading coronavirus against their enemies. The image above shows a high-resolution photo of SARS-CoV-2 as seen under a microscope

‘White Racially Motivated Violent Extremists have recently commented on the coronavirus stating that it is an “OBLIGATION” to spread it should any of them contract the virus.’

The report, a copy of which was obtained by Yahoo News, covered the week of February 17 – 24.

The Federal Protective Service is a law enforcement agency that operates under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security.

It is an agency whose main mission is to protect buildings owned or leased by the federal government.

According to the intelligence report, the white supremacist groups ‘suggested targeting … law enforcement and minority communities, with some mention of public places in general.’

The chatter involved spreading coronavirus by leaving ‘saliva on door handles’ at local FBI offices, spitting on elevator buttons and spreading germs in ‘nonwhite neighborhoods,’ according to the document.

The document alleges that white supremacists were beginning to take the threat of a pandemic seriously even though the government kept downplaying the danger.

The federal government says that white supremacists on Telegram have been chatting about their devotion to a ‘siege culture’ inspired by neo-Nazi author James Mason.

In the 1980s, Mason wrote a series of newsletters titled ‘Siege’. The writings called for racial terrorism as a means to speed up a war that would lead to the breakdown of society, also known as ‘accelerationism’.

Mason’s work has gained in popularity among violent neo-Nazi groups like the Atomwaffen Division.

Experts who have been tracking neo-Nazi movements say there is a danger that they could try to exploit the current coronavirus crisis by conducting attacks against minorities and law enforcement.

In recent months, the federal government has been urged to conduct more aggressive surveillance of far-right movements in the wake of several mass shootings by gunmen said to have been radicalized online.

The coronavirus has infected more than 307,200 people worldwide and killed more than 13,000. 

In the United States, nearly 350 people have died as of Sunday as the number of confirmed cases surged toward 27,000.