Net closes on Kevin’s killer: Police say they know man who ripped the head off kookaburra near Perth

Net closes in on Kevin’s killer: Man accused of decapitating kookaburra hires a lawyer as locals name him on Facebook and police say they know who he is

  • Police said they believe they know identity of man who decapitated kookaburra
  • WA Police Commissioner Dawson said he was confident charges would be laid
  • Man grabbed the kookaburra and pulled its head off after it landed on his plate
  • The popular bird was known as Kevin and for cheekily stealing food from plates
  • A loophole in the animal cruelty law could still see the man escape conviction 
  • One man has been accused of carrying out the act in multiple social media posts
  • Accused has reportedly threatened to take legal action against those posting 
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The net is closing in on the man accused of decapitating a kookaburra as police and locals claim to know who he is. 

The bird, nicknamed ‘Kevin’, was killed by the diner after it landed on his plate and ate some of his food at the Parkerville Tavern in Parkerville, 33km west of Perth, on Friday night.

Western Australia Police Commissioner Chris Dawson said authorities know who was responsible for the bird’s death.

Residents of the Perth Hills region, where the incident occurred, have named a man and the woman who he was dining with, believed to be his girlfriend.  


The hunt for the man who ripped the head off Kevin the kookaburra (pictured) while he was still alive could be almost over after police revealed they believe they know who the offender is 

The accused man has now threatened to take legal action against those who have published his name online, The West Australian has reported.   

Lawyer Ross Williamson penned a legal letter to the person naming his client online. 

‘It is clear you have said to a large number of people that (name removed), when euthanising it; caused the bird to suffer at the Parkerville Tavern,’ he wrote.

‘My client has complained to police about your conduct and the conduct of others.

‘In the event that you are convicted of any criminal offence, my client will … advocate the sentence imposed upon you be especially severe in order to deter others from engaging in online vigilantism.’ 

Mr Williamson has refused to comment on the letter. 

Commissioner Dawson said an arrest was yet to be made over the incident, but added he believed the man would be charged.

‘Nothing I’ve been briefed on tells me this person will escape without a very serious charge,’ he told 7NEWS. 

Kevin was known for cheekily stealing food from pub patrons and is believed he stole one of the man’s chips.

A WA Police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia no arrest had been made and investigations were ongoing.  

Witness Tania Scheulin said the man grabbed the bird when it swooped down, smashed it against his plate and then ripped its head off.

‘He then threw it under the table and carried on with his dinner like nothing happened,’ she told 9News.

A social media comment widely shared online said children were sitting at the next table and added ‘Kevin made a sound that can never be forgotten’.

It comes after the RSPCA said the man could escape prosecution because of a legal loophole. 

Kevin the kookaburra was well-known at the Parkerville Tavern (pictured) in Parkerville, 33km west of Perth (pictured) for hopping onto guests’ plates and helping them to finish their meal

A spokeswoman for the charity said the organisation had not given up possibly pursuing the man but said the law was unclear.

Agriculture and Food Minister Alannah MacTiernan has vowed to examine legal avenues surrounding native wildlife protection – depending on the exact species – saying the man’s actions were ‘pretty disgusting’ and everyone was ‘rightly appalled’.

‘We are now checking with the department whether or not this can be characterised as an act of animal cruelty,’ she told reporters on Monday.

The pub has said in a since removed social media post (statement pictured) staff were in a state of disbelief following the 'barbaric attack'

The pub has said in a since removed social media post (statement pictured) staff were in a state of disbelief following the ‘barbaric attack’

Ms MacTiernan said if the case had exposed a legal loophole, it could lead to changes to the Animal Welfare Act, which was currently under review.

‘Quite clearly we need a law that would stop that appalling behaviour happening,’ she said.

In a social media post that has since been deleted, the pub said they were ‘in disbelief about the barbaric attack on one of nature’s gifts’.