Netflix ‘are making new documentary about Jill Dando’s infamous unsolved murder case’

April 26, 1999: Jill Dando, the 37-year-old television presenter, is shot dead with a single bullet to the head on the steps of her home in Fulham, south-west London.

May 25, 2000: Police arrest Barry George, also known as Barry Bulsara, following surveillance of his home.

May 29, 2000: Police charge George with murdering Dando.

July 2, 2001: A jury finds George guilty of murder. He is later sentenced to life imprisonment.

July 29, 2002: George loses an appeal against his conviction at the Court of Appeal in London. Three judges rejected his claim that his conviction was “unsafe”.

December 16, 2002: The House of Lords refuses permission for George to mount a further challenge to his conviction.

The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) continues to look at the case.

March 25, 2006: It emerges that lawyers for George have submitted new evidence to the CCRC which they believe undermines the safety of his conviction.

They say they have new medical evidence which suggests George’s mental problems would have made him incapable of carrying out the crime, and that new witnesses who were not heard at the original trial may provide an explanation for why a particle of gunshot residue was found on his coat.   

August 1, 2008: He receives a unanimous acquittal by a jury after being granted a retrial. 

January 2010: His claim for compensation for lost earnings and wrongful imprisonment is rejected.

2012: Serbian ‘warlord’ Arkan is named as a suspect in the case, although he had died in 2000. 

June 2022:  Court documents claim that BBC journalist Lisa Brinkworth was the target of a hit ordered by modelling agency boss Gerald Marie but was confused for Miss Dando. He denies the claims.