New King Charles bank notes already being listed on Ebay for £150

  • New King Charles bank notes entered into circulation yesterday for the first time
  • Now some of the notes are selling for up to £150 on eBay

New banknotes which carry the portrait of King Charles III are already being listed by chancers on Ebay for as much as £150.

The notes entered circulation yesterday and could prove popular with collectors, who will be hoping to get their hands on examples with low serial numbers while they are still in good condition.

The first batch from the presses will carry serial numbers starting CA01 for £5 notes, HB01 for £10 notes, EH01 for £20 notes, and AJ01 for £50 notes – followed by a six-digit number, This is Money exclusively revealed yesterday.

The first notes are CA01 000001, HB01 000001, EH01 000001 and AJ01 000001, which were donated to the King.

A full set of the new King Charles bank notes, face value £85, is listed for £150 on eBay

On eBay, This is Money found a £50 note with the serial number AJ02 468341 listed for £130.

While this £20 note with the serial number EH07 419275 is listed for £50. Meanwhile this £10 note, with the serial number HB23 692295, is listed for £39.

A £5 note with the serial number CA03 357672 is listed for £25. While a full set of the uncirculated notes is selling for £150.

Sellers on Ebay can list items for any price they choose – and will be hoping to hook buyers in, despite the serial numbers not being significant.  

And while these are asking prices that may not be met, a £10 note has already sold on eBay for £24, and at the time of writing a £50 note had already attracted bids up to £89.  

When it comes to how much the notes could sell for, the lower the serial number, the more collectible it is going to be, experts at auctioneers Spink & Son say.

Collectors and the general public can also get their hands on the new bank notes at a charity auction hosted by Spink & Son on behalf of the Bank of England.

A selection of notes with the low serial numbers will be up for auction throughout June and July.

The first auction will see £5 notes with low serial numbers go under the hammer on 13 June. 

Although the lowest serial number is yet to be revealed, auctioneers Spink & Son told This is Money it will be an unprecedentedly low serial number, unmatched by anything it has previously offered in over 20 years of hosting charity auctions on behalf of the Bank of England.

Arnas Savickas, head of banknotes at Spink & Son, told us: ‘Depending on the serial number of the note, it’s reasonable to assume that the lowest serial number of a £5 could fetch between £250 to £500, while £10 and £20 notes could go for £500 and £1,000 respectively. A £50 then could go for several thousand pounds.’

The auction will take place on 13 of June for a lot of 122 £5 notes, followed by an auction for £10 notes on 27 June. 

The £20 and £50 pound note auctions will take place on 11 July and 25 July respectively.