New research reveals the ‘most attractive penis’ – according to women AND men

A new study has revealed the ‘ideal’ shape and length of a penis.

Researchers asked 1,029 men and women to examine 14 computer-generated images of erect, circumcised penises.

Participants assessed an aspect of the penis in each image — such as its shaft, or cylindrical structure from the base to the head, or the head of the penis.

The findings allowed researchers, from the University of California, Riverside, to construct the ‘perfect’ penis.

In the survey, participants were shown a pair of images where one aspect of the penis had been digitally altered — such as shaft length or the shape of the head.

They were asked to indicate which they preferred, with researchers analyzing answers to reveal which feature was ‘best’ and to construct the ideal penis.

Scientists have revealed the ‘perfect’ penis size and shape after quizzing 1,029 adults

This was repeated seven times for participants — who were 30 to 39 years old on average — to assess seven different features of the penis.

Overall, the majority of participants said they preferred a penis with a longer shaft, a more prominent corona — the rounded ridge at the base of the penis’ head — and a slightly smaller head.

Viewing the penis from the side, participants also said they preferred a head that sloped downward from the end of the shaft and was slightly angled at its base.

On average, participants said they liked the same width across the whole organ rather than a penis that became larger at the base. 

The researchers did not ask participants to assess the total length of penises to establish the ‘best’, but in previous studies the ideal length have concluded that 6.3inches when erect is most preferred.

For comparison, a meta-analysis involving more than a thousand men — mostly in Europe, America and Asia — suggested the average length of the erect penis was 5.1 to 5.5inches.

The researchers also found variation in penis preferences based on age and sexual orientation.

They highlighted that their results suggested that penis preference was intensely personal (stock)

They highlighted that their results suggested that penis preference was intensely personal (stock)

Older adults were 25 percent less likely to prefer a larger ridge at the base of the penis, compared with younger individuals and 18.4 percent less likely to prefer a head that was angled at its base.

Heterosexual adults — who were the majority in the study — were 65 percent more likely to prefer a larger corona. 

Results also showed significant differences in penis preferences between medical professionals, who made up half of the participants, and others, which the scientists said could be linked to their training background.

The researchers said they carried out the study to provide a guide to medics reconstructing penises following catastrophic injuries.

Summing up the results, Dr Justin Cordero, a urologist, and the others wrote in the study: ‘The ideal phallic esthetic varies by individual, and there were statistically significant preferences across age… and sexual orientation.

‘This study can serve as a guide on phalloplasties for patients and gender-affirming surgeons.’

In the study, published in the journal Urology, researchers said that penis preferences may be informed by watching pornography.. 

For the study, participants were recruited via surveys distributed on Craigslist, Amazon and Reddit.

Of the participants, the majority — 539 people — were heterosexual, but the remaining 370 were homosexual, bisexual or another sexuality.

By gender, most of the participants were either male, 440 people, or female, 334 people.

The paper also included 92 adults who were transgender male — 10 percent of the total — and 25 who were transgender female — three percent of the total.