NFL fans celebrate rare ‘Scorigami’ after Las Vegas Raiders’ 63-21 win over the LA Chargers became the 1083rd unique score in NFL history

  • No other game has finished 63-21 until now – an idea known as ‘Scorigami’ 
  • The concept, created by SB Nation’ Jon Bois, tracks rarity in NFL scores 
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The Las Vegas Raiders put on a demolition job of the Los Angeles Chargers on Thursday Night Football – resulting in a score unseen before.

Vegas went up 49-0 before the Chargers were able to manage a single point and then did not stop. LA was able to get two late touchdowns but the damage was done and the Raiders won 63-21.

That led to a concept affectionately known as ‘Scorigami’ in NFL circles – a phenomenon when the final score of a game is one that has never been reached before.

With this win, it marks the 1,083rd unique final score in the long history of the NFL.

The concept was initially invented by SB Nation executive producer, creative director and elite storyteller Jon Bois – who went back through the history of the league and found each score ever put up in a game.

The Las Vegas Raiders dominated the Los Angeles Chargers and made history along the way

But a 63-21 final also means more than a win: it's the 1083rd unique NFL score a.k.a. Scorigami

But a 63-21 final also means more than a win: it’s the 1083rd unique NFL score a.k.a. Scorigami

He first introduced the concept about seven years ago in an episode of his ‘Chart Party’ series where he found and logged every NFL score ever in a video titled ‘Every NFL Score Ever’.

Since then, the concept of Scorigami has taken on a life of its own – evolving past Bois’ creation and into a concept in the minds of many statistic fans in football. 

There’s even a Twitter account that tracks the results of all games happening at one point in time and analyzes the likelihood that a Scorigami could take place in a contest. Throughout the game tonight, there were many possible and likely ‘Scorigami’ outcomes projected – including scores of 36-23, 45-9, 52-6, 59-3, 63-0, 63-14, and 70-7.

But now with a final score of 63-21, there’s one more Scorigami that’s off the board.

This concept is rare – but not unheard of this season. Already, seven games this year have finished with a Scorigami outcome.

They are: Ravens 25-9 Texans in Week 1, Dolphins 70-20 Broncos and Eagles 25-11 Buccaneers in Week 3, Cowboys 43-20 Rams in Week 8, Texans 39-37 Buccaneers in Week 9, Broncos 29-12 Browns in Week 12, and Dolphins 45-15 Commanders in Week 13. 

The highest scoring Scorigami of all time came back on November 27, 1966 – when the Washington Redskins beat the New York Giants 72-41 in the highest scoring game in NFL history.

The lowest remaining score that could finish as a Scorigami is a 2-2 tie. 

The Raiders got to that score thanks in part to a pick six and this scoop-and-score strip sack

The Raiders got to that score thanks in part to a pick six and this scoop-and-score strip sack

But the game on Thursday night meant more than just Scorigami to the Las Vegas Raiders.

The 63 points that they put up was the most in a single game in franchise history.

That included a pick-six and a scoop-and-score strip sack as the Chargers turned the ball over five times – four of which were fumbles.