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NFL Week 3 Betting: Undefeated Chiefs V.S. Ravens Will Define Super Bowl LV

The NFL  Week 3 Playoff season will start this week, and this could serve as the definition of this year’s Super Bowl LV. The Kansas City Chiefs will travel to face the Baltimore Ravens on September 28, 2020. These two teams are today’s undefeated groups in the NFL season and currently dominating the odds ranking.

The Ravens and the Chiefs are both holding a 2-0 record. During their first and second games, the Ravens dispatched the Browns and the Texans. On the other hand, the Chiefs also defeated the Texans and the Chargers in their first two matches. Many fans are waiting to see who’ll reign supreme between these two best NFL teams today.

In today’s NFL lines, the Ravens will take the favorite, and the Chiefs will be the dogs. It may be surprising that the defending champs are the dogs, but the Ravens managed to blow-out an impressive opening game to get the favorite odds. What do you think this game will look like in the next few days? Below are the things you can expect to see in their Week 3 match.

J.K. Dobbins Will Score More Touchdowns

During this year’s NFL Draft, J.K. Dobbins scored low in picking, but the Ravens trusted him as one of their rookie players. He was a Pick No. 55 in Round 2 and will play as the running back for the said team. Before he entered the Ravens, Dobbins was last year’s recipient of the Earl Campbell Tyler Rose Award.

During their game against the Browns, Dobbins skyrocketed to an excellent performance, which helped them nail a final score of 38 against 6. In Week 2, he also showed a huge touchdown scoring outlasting the Texans to a 33-16 game run. Today, his team will face the Chiefs, and he is expected to play and score many touchdowns to make his rookie year more memorable.

Mahomes Will Work More With His Feet

Patrick Mahomes, the reigning Super Bowl MVP, has not failed in showing the fans why he deserves his title. As they faced the Texans in Week 1, Mahomes threw more than 200 yards, including three touchdowns. In Week 2, he even showed a more emphatic performance, nailing a 300-yard passing production.

All these performances are because of Mahomes’ amazing footwork. His team expected him to do well, and he did so without hesitation. As they contend against the Ravens this weekend, Mahomes will indeed work more with his feet. It might be his weapon to show what he got as he faces the current NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson.

Jackson Might Throw His First Two Interception

One of the reasons why the Chiefs and the Ravens will define how the NFL season will look like today is because of the meeting of the reigning MVP.  Lamar Jackson is the current NFL MVP, while Mahomes is the Super LIV MVP. Both of them are the leading quarterbacks and will surely showcase a superb performance.

These two players will enter their Week 3 games with zero interception record. Although Mahomes was close enough to get in the Week 2 match, he failed to do so. As these two players wrestle in an intense game to decide who’ll be the best NFL team today, Jackson is more likely to score his first interception of the season against Mahomes.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire Will Come Back

Clyde Edwards-Helaire was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs this year as their starting running back. He was at Pick No. 32 in Round 1. During his debut game against the Texans, Clyde Edwards-Helaire was a storm for them as he completed 13-yard rushing and one touchdown. He was then seen as the most dangerous rookie to watch out this season.

However, as they faced the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2, Clyde Edwards-Helaire couldn’t sustain his scoring. He only completed 38-yards in 10 carries. Some may see this as a huge disappointment after nailing an outstanding debut performance. But, like other players, he will surely make an epic comeback in the next few days as they joust against the Ravens.

Ravens Might Remain Undefeated

The NFL season this year opened intensely amidst the halt brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chiefs entered the campaign as the Super Bowl defending champs and the biggest favorite, while the Ravens are only the last year’s playoff participant.

However, one thing that makes the Ravens remain undefeated is their unstoppable offense. In their first two matches, the Ravens didn’t show any mercy, scoring many touchdowns, rushing, and passing. Although the Chiefs are close enough to equate this, the Ravens might remain tougher.


There are many things at stake when the Ravens and the Chiefs work out in the next few days. Aside from proving who’ll be this season’s best and undefeated team, the fans can also witness how the MVPs will perform to bring another victory for their respective team. Can the Chiefs control the game and remain as the favorites, or would the Ravens stop the bleeding and dominate the match instead?

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