Nicci French, Lee Child, Elly Griffiths and Tess Gerritsen: Thrillers of the month

Nicci French’s The Lying Room, a new Jack Reacher, Elly Griffiths’ Now You See Them and a ghostly offering from Tess Gerritsen, thrillers of the month

The Lying Room

Nicci French                                                                                                     S&S £14.99

Stressed Neve is struggling to support her troubled family so almost feels as if she deserves her affair with her mercurial boss. It’s only when he’s murdered that she realises all she stands to lose. Horribly smart and compelling.


The Shape Of Night

Tess Gerritsen                                                                                 Bantam Press £20

When Ava, a cookery writer, rents a house for the summer she finds herself embroiled in both a murder-mystery and an unlikely love triangle with a sadistic ghost and a flesh-and-blood doctor. It’s a supernatural-tinged, distinctly erotic thriller that shouldn’t work but somehow does. 


Now You See Them

Elly Griffiths                                                                                         Quercus £14.99

Elly Griffiths’ series set in post-war Brighton are entertaining diversions full of period detail, smart plotting and likeable characters. It’s the early Sixties and Max Mephisto is back to help investigate some kidnappings. 


Blue Moon

Lee Child                                                                                          Bantam Press £20

When Jack Reacher finds a loan shark ripping off an old couple, it soon escalates into full-scale war between rival gangs, with our hero in the middle. It’s all a bit predictable, sadly, and there’s a sadistic glee in Reacher’s righteous anger.