Nikolas Cruz was a member of white supremacist group  

  • Nikolas Cruz was a member of the white nationalist group Republic of Florida according to its leader Jordan Jeren
  • The ‘neo-Confederate and anti-gun control militia group’ aims to make Florida the first white-ethno state
  • Cruz, 19, participated in paramilitary exercises with the group at least twice according to Jereb
  • Multiple students also confirmed that Cruz was a member of the group and told ABC News that he was often seen with Jereb

A spokesperson for a white nationalist organization is claiming that Nikolas Cuz was among the group’s members.

Jordan Jereb said in multiple interviews on Thursday that the 19-year-old shooter who killed 17 people in his Valentine’s Day massacre was a member of Republic of Florida.

Among the many aims of that group is to make Florida its own white-ethno state. 

Jereb said that the group did not have any involvement in the shooting at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, or encourage actions of that kind among members.

The ‘neo-Confederate and anti-gun control militia group’ aims to make Florida the first white-ethno state



Jereb claimed that Cruz, who was adopted as a baby, was brought up in the organization by another member.

The teenager reportedly carpooled to at least two training exercises held by the group, which is only a few years old at this time.

At those exercises it is believed he participated in the group’s paramilitary activities.  

It is unclear when Cruz first developed an interest in the ‘neo-Confederate and anti-gun control militia group.’ 

Cruz also told at least two classmates he was involved with the group.

Thew Anti-Defamation League was the first to report on Cruz’s involvement with the organization, reaching out to the ROF to see if they could confirm he shooter was a member.

It was Jereb who fielded that call and told the ADL about Cruz’s involvement. 

On Wednesday, Cruz walked into his former school almost one year after he was expelled and opened fire with an AR-15, killing 17 people before he hid among those fleeing the scene and got himself away from the area.