Nissan GTR tuning tips

The Nissan GTR is made by specialists, excellently built and designs seem like it breaks the laws of physics because of its extraordinary speed when it is well tuned. So chillout and read this article and research more  before trying to tune a Nissan GTR and messing things up.

Suspension Upgrades

The first thing you have to think about are the types of modification that you want. Almost all Nissan GTR suspension from the factory need some kind of modification, especially with older models.

When it comes to the toe we find that it needs a few degrees of changes from 0.2 -1.1. Making a few mounts of negative camber will highly improve the handling when it comes to the suspension. You will need to get the  geometry perfectly set up the drivers style and how they or you feel most comfortable.

NOTE: If you have one of the small engines this will not work for you.

What do you need to know about the Nissan GTR?

  • Type of engines it has (Twin Turbo v6 or v8)
  • 8 Lt and v6 or Superclass GT v8
  • What horsepower does it have?

GTR Engine Tuning

So you can save money and time you need to know what sports update you need. For example stage 3 parts for sports motors will not do the job. It gets complicated in stop-start traffic.

  • Stage #1 mods: Panel air filter, Alloy wheels, Spots exhaust, light flywheels and suspension upgrades 21mm-37mm.
  • Stage #2 mods: Roadcam, fuel-pump upgrades, high-flow fl- injection, Ported and polished heads and power-spt clutch
  • Stage #3 mods: Engine balancing, Competition cam, adding upgrades forced induction turbo charge, pistons, heads, valves ext..

One of the parts that get damaged or most beaten is the clutch and the gearboxes when one drives the car at the highest levels of speed. You need to add a 16 plate racing clutch.

When molding the Nissan GTR it should have a wide torque output. Do not have all torque on the top end of rev range only if you are making a motor sports car.

The idea of this article is to tell you what are the best mods for your GTR, but you should also do your research of each kind of performance modification.

Camshafts make multiple GTR engines that have different characteristics and power curves. This makes better the exhaust flow and intake in addition to giving the engine more power.

It is best to add other mods when finishing up with a reflashed ECU. Have caution and do not go for motor sports profile CAM. Reason is it will directly affect the engine odling and the driving characteristics.

Increment the fueling when you increase the power.

Replace the ECU, this will upgrade the power. At the wheels you will get a 490-540 bhp.

Having a bigger engine helps you have much more power to all the mods that you will add. Most people will normally use a stroker kit to increase the power of the engine.

You will also need to upgrade the fuel pump to upgrade the injectors.

Expanding the motor size helps increment the force of the relative multitude of mods you’ve added. GTR proprietors will regularly utilize a stroker pack to raise the limit of the motor, yet similarly as with all mods you need to join it with different mods.

Intake & exhaust

The stock super and manifolds create an excessive amount of warmth so they go for a total overhaul pack from an exhibition part maker. The TD06-20G from Greddy and Garrett GT30R marks all the crates for a genuine force acquired yet there are numerous choices out there.

Greatest force acquired comes from a full acceptance unit with a virus air feed on vigorously tuned motors, this can be sited inside an air box yet an exhibition board channel should do the trick for most applications. Use a board air channel as these are not difficult to clean and keep up and for the most part perform better compared to paper ones.

Sports depletes can generally wind current out of the motor yet evade a fumes that is excessively huge or you may very well stuff your stream rate and compound the situation. So as a rule, keep to a size of 1.5 to 2.5 creeps for best outcomes.

Getting an expertly gas streamed head with bigger valves can completely deliver the motors power. At the point when you begin tuning your GTR you will track down that the standard grasp begins to gripe so get an uprated grasp. The best mods as we would like to think for your GTR are a remap particularly on a super, a quick street camshaft and sports exhaust, with a decent air consumption. Garrett CHRA (second Gen) are well known with the accompanying force figures on offer GTX 2860 900bhp, GTX 2867 1000bhp and the GTX 3071 1200bhp.

These are the general aspects that you should look into when looking into tuning your Nissan GTR.