No turkey for Nigella! Chef reveals she’s parting with tradition

No turkey for Nigella! Chef reveals she’s parting with tradition because ‘it’s not a normal family Christmas’ – and will serve pork for dinner instead

  • Nigella Lawson, 60, said she isn’t cooking turkey for Christmas dinner this year
  • Said ‘it’s not going to be a normal family Christmas’ so she’s doing pork instead
  • Also spoke about the pandemic, saying she ‘hasn’t been lonely once’ 

Christmas dinner with extended family might have to be put on the back burner, but many of us will stick to a traditional menu in a bid for some normality.

Not Nigella Lawson, though. The TV chef has revealed that for the first time she won’t be cooking turkey – but will have pork.

Miss Lawson said she understood those who want to ‘cleave to the traditions’ but, for her, it just didn’t feel right.

Nigella Lawson revealed she will cook pork instead of turkey for Christmas because it won’t be a ‘normal’ celebration

She explained: ‘It’s not going to be a normal family Christmas, therefore I think I will feel less sad doing something that is just a lovely lunch, that takes in a few Christmas traditions from elsewhere that interest me, but not make me feel what’s missing. 

‘One of the things I think we’ve all realised is how we miss having people round our table.’

Miss Lawson, 60, also spoke about being alone during the pandemic, telling BBC’s Newscast podcast: ‘I haven’t been lonely once. I have been very happy. I’ve rather enjoyed it.’

It comes after Nigella struck a chord with home cooks across the nation when she branded carrots cut into rounds ‘infinitely depressing’.

Nigella, pictured on her new BBC2 cooking show, also revealed she didn't feel 'lonely' over lockdown

Nigella, pictured on her new BBC2 cooking show, also revealed she didn’t feel ‘lonely’ over lockdown 

Speaking on her BBC2 cooking show Cook, Eat Repeat, the London-born domestic goddess insisted the vegetable should be sliced into batons.

The glamorous chef made the comment while preparing her ‘family favourite’ dish, chicken with orzo – a ‘one pot dish designed to bring comfort and joy’ and ‘one of the mainstays of her life’.

After browning the whole bird in a pan, Nigella took it off the heat and added plentiful grated lemon zest, garlic, a sprinkle of dried tarragon, chopped leeks and carrots.

While arranging the root veg, she remarked: ‘I have been quite open about my prejudices over the years, but let me just say again, that I find carrots cut into rounds infinitely depressing, so it’s always batons for me.’ 

Nigella Lawson sends viewers wild with innuendo-laden Christmas special 

Nigella Lawson sent viewers into a frenzy with a very cheeky festive special of her cookery show Cook, Eat, Repeat.

Her BBC2 programme, which aired earlier this week, was packed with innuendos – including the phrases ‘salty cucumber liquid’ and ‘oily balls’.

As Nigella, 60, began crushing herbs with a pestle in a mortar, she then said: ‘I’m going to start pummelling, even if it does make everything in the kitchen shake and tremble.’

The presenter left viewers howling, with one tweeting: ‘So the question… Does Nigella know what she’s doing to the male viewers?’

And another fan wrote: ‘Start pummeling? Nigella, sorry I’ve lost it completely,’ while a third added: ‘Just watching last night’s episode. Now understand what everyone was talking about.’