Nomads bikie Brad Bowtell dies from suspected medical episode after high-ranking member is found collapsed in his home

A notorious high-ranking member of Nomads bikie gang has died following a suspected medical episode after he was found collapsed in his home. 

Former Nomads president Brad Bowtell collapsed suddenly at his home on Madden Parade in Singleton Heights, 83km west of Newcastle, NSW, at about 11.30pm on Sunday. 

NSW Ambulance paramedics rushed the 40-year-old to hospital but he did not survive. 

Bowtell had long been the face of the outlawed motorcycle gang Nomads and was a key figure in the club’s war against rival gang the Finks. 

Underworld sources said Bowtell’s death was a major blow for the club and its members. 

Former Nomads president Brad Bowtell (pictured) has died following a suspected medical episode in his home 

‘He has essentially been the face of the Nomads in Newcastle for a decade, controlling everything and bringing boys in,’ they told the Daily Telegraph.

‘This will be a devastating for them.’

Bowtell made headlines during the violent war between the Nomads and the Finks, which raged across the Hunter region in 2018. 

The gang’s attacks, including a drive-by attack on Bowtell’s home, caused NSW Police to issue serious crime prevention orders against him and other members from both gangs. 

Police charged Botwell, as well as several other gang members, of participating in a criminal group. 

While being sentenced for those charges at the NSW District Court, Bowtell revealed how he was enticed to join the outlawed club. 

The heavily-tattooed Bowtell explained he had no criminal record when he joined Nomads’ Newcastle arm in 2014. 

He explained the lure of a flashier life, including being surrounded by pretty women, enticed him to join.  

‘I was approached by some members of the club at the gym over a number of weeks, into months,’ Bowtell told the court at the time.

‘They kept approaching me in regards to hanging around with them and going to social events.

‘From there they sort of put it in front of me, joining. They painted a picture that it was sort of going to be a good thing to do, which it ended up not being.’

Bowtell quickly rose through the ranks of the gang, claiming his imposing physical figure helped in is advancement.