North Island, New Zealand: Magnitude 4.7 earthquake strikes Wellington hours before Australia and New Zealand test match

A magnitude 4.7 earthquake has rocked New Zealand’s North Island.

The quake occurred near Wellington right before the first cricket test match between Australia and New Zealand of the year. 

The earthquake began at 5.18am on Thursday, 5km north of Upper Hutt and 33km north of Wellington. 

The depth of the earthquake was 23km according to earthquake aggregate website GeoNet.

The website described the shaking as ‘moderate’, receiving more than 11,000 felt reports from citizens after it happened. 

The earthquake happened on New Zealand’s lower north island, near Wellington, at 5.18am Thursday morning

Around 3,700 of these reports called the quake weak, 5,000 called it light, and 2,000 called it moderate.

Only 150 called the earthquake strong. 

The Test match will continue as planned.

‘Remember, Drop, Cover and Hold is the right action to take in an earthquake and when in bed, cover your head,’ GeoNet said on social media.

Seismology Research Centre chief scientist Adam Pascale told the depth of the earthquake meant it would probably just cause cosmetic damage.

Ms Pascale also noted New Zealand regularly expects earthquakes across the country. 

The scientist also said it was a good reminder for people to remember safety procedures. 

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