North Korea preparing to test missile ‘that can reach US’

  • Anton Morozov, who recently visited Pyongyang, says North Korea is preparing to launch another missile ‘in the nearest future’ 
  • He claimed to have seen calculations showing rocket can range US West Coast
  • Koreans also told him they have technology to bring a warhead back to earth
  • Columbus Day is on Monday, and the North Korea regime typically times tests to coincide with American public holidays 

A Russian lawmaker says that he and colleagues who recently visited Pyongyang were shown North Korean calculations indicating that their missiles could reach the U.S. West Coast.

Anton Morozov of the nationalist Liberal-Democratic Party said in remarks carried by Russian state news agency RIA Novosti on Friday that North Korea is preparing to test-fire a long-range missile ‘in the nearest future.’

Morozov, who visited North Korea with two fellow lawmakers earlier this week, said that their interlocutors told them that Pyongyang has the technology that would allow missile warheads to survive the heat while entering the atmosphere.

He said North Koreans also showed them ‘mathematical calculations which they say prove that their missile is capable of reaching the U.S. West Coast.’