Northern Territory COVID masks to go ‘sooner rather than later’ 

Mask mandates set to END in the Northern Territory as Covid cases continue to decline

  •  Mask mandates set to end in the Northern Territory ‘sooner rather than later’
  •  Ensuing likelihood of scrapping the check ins at shops and other venues in NT
  • Two-step process vax check in modified form likely to continue into the future 

Indoor masks will end in the Northern Territory, amid dwindling Covid-19 cases, ‘sooner rather than later’ Chief Minister Michael Gunner said.  

‘We are actively discussing moving on from the indoor mask mandates,’ he told ABC radio on Tuesday. 

‘I can’t give you a date yet, but it will be sooner rather than later.’

Mask mandates set to be relaxed in the Northern Territory as case numbers wane 

Mr Gunner also indicated a likelihood of scrapping check ins at shops and other venues.  

But he said vaccination status will continue to be monitored in relation to the check-in app Territorians use, with a two-step approach more likely to continue in a modified form to verify a person’s vaccination status. 

‘It’s a really simple measure for us to be able to do that,’ he said. ‘I think there will become a point where we’ll probably step past that as well.’

Mr Gunner’s comments came as health officials said a man in his 80s died with Covid-19, inching the Territory’s death toll to the disease up to 16.

The man had underlying health conditions and died in Alice Springs Hospital, according to SecureNT. 

Also on Tuesday, the Territory reported another 716 new virus infections.

There are currently 123 patients in hospital with the disease and three of those in intensive care.

Active cases across the Territory are at 5754.