NRL in Las Vegas LIVE: Updates and scores as Souths, Manly, the Roosters and Broncos make footy history

‘For me, this is everything,’ Mitchell told Fox Sports as he took in the field a bit over an hour before kickoff in Souths’ clash with Manly, saying he still can’t believe the NRL has pulled this off and he’s got ‘goosebumps’ just looking at the field.

Much has been made of the dimensions of the playing surface at Allegiant, which has shaved a bit of space off the standard NRL field – and Trell reckons that will lead to a more defensive game, with the Bunnies trying to play through the Sea Eagles more instead of working the flanks.

Allegiant’s field is 94.5 metres from goalposts to goalposts instead of the usual 100 metres, and 64 metres wide instead of 68.