NSW Election 2023: Dramatic moment volunteer in marginal seat gets in heated exchange with voter

Dramatic moment election volunteer in marginal seat gets in heated exchange with voter: ‘You’re a moron’

  • Voter and Labor volunteer in heated polling booth exchange
  • The verbal dust-up happened in the seat of Heathcote 

A Labor volunteer has been filmed in a polling day confrontation with a voter who told him to ‘f*** off ‘ when he tried to speak to him.

The verbal bust-up happened in the marginal seat of Heathcote, south of Sydney, early on Saturday.

The red-shirted volunteer can be heard on the video explaining how ‘nurses area leaving (the profession) in bulk’ but the voter is not impressed. 

The volunteer was visibly annoyed

Must be a Liberal voter: The voter and volunteer in the heated exchange (left) and the volunteer afterwards (right)

The voter turns around to the volunteer, yelling in his face: ‘Is that right? Why don’t you f*** off?’. 

The Labor supporter mutters under his voice: ‘Why don’t you f*** off?’.

‘You’re moron,’ the angry voter calls back before storming off. 

The altercation is understood to have been outside the voting booths in Woronora in the Heathcote electorate. 

Heathcote was won by the Liberal’s Lee Evans in the last election. 

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