Nuggets’ Porter pushes conspiracy theory that coronavirus is government ‘population control’

Nuggets’ Michael Porter Jr. pushes conspiracy theory that coronavirus is a government ‘population control’ effort and claims he’s never been vaccinated

Coronavirus is a government tool created for population control, according to an unproven theory posited by 22-year-old Denver Nuggets forward Michael Porter Jr., who claims he’s never been vaccinated in his entire life.

‘Personally, I think that the coronavirus is being used obviously for a bigger agenda,’ Porter said during a Snapchat question-and-answer session with fans on Tuesday. ‘It’s being used for population control in just terms of being able to control the masses of people.

‘Because of this virus, the whole world is being controlled,’ he continued. ‘You’re required to wear masks, and who knows what’ll happen when this vaccine comes out. You might have to have the vaccine in order to travel. That’d be crazy.’

And that could be a problem for Porter, who has been seen wearing a protective mask around the NBA’s bubble at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

‘I’ve never been vaccinated in my life,’ he said. ‘I’ve never had any shots or anything like that.’

Porter’s hypothesis was not well received on social media, nor was his claim that he’s never been vaccinated.

The University of Missouri, where Porter attended, briefly, requires students to be vaccinated for measles, mumps, and rubella.

Athletic department spokespeople did not immediately respond to the Daily Mail’s request for comment.

As for his conspiratorial claims about coronavirus, which has claimed over 150,000 American lives and 661,000 around the world, Porter did not go into significant detail.

For instance, he stops short of echoing Donald Trump’s claim that the virus was engineered in a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, where it accidentally leaked out into the public. (There is no proof that coronavirus was bioengineered, and all indications are that the virus came from a yet-to-be determined animal species, according to

Furthermore, Porter does not point the finger at any specific government, nor does he identify the intended target.

But even without those specifics, Porter continued doubling down on his theory.

‘It’s definitely an agenda behind everything that’s going on right now and all you can do is sit back and watch what’s going on,’ he said, warning people not to ‘get too emotionally involved.’

‘I mean it is a serious thing,’ he added. ‘It’s a real thing, but yes it’s being overblown.’

Porter and his Nuggets teammates are preparing to restart their pandemic-interrupted season on Saturday against the Miami Heat inside the NBA’s bubble at Disney World in Orlando. 

The NBA season will restart Thursday night in the bubble, where players have been tested regularly while being quarantined away from the general public.