Nursery teacher puts blanket over struggling boy’s FACE

  • CCTV captured the woman trapping the five-year-old pupil under a blanket 
  • The child was left with recurring nightmares and turned to his parents for help
  • They were offered money by nursery and say they will use it to pay for therapy
  • Disturbing clip shows incident at Hongying Kindergarten in Hezhou City, China 

This is the shocking moment an abusive nursery school teacher trapped a struggling pupil under a blanket because the boy refused to nap.

She can be seen forcibly restraining the five-year-old in CCTV footage of the incident at Hongying Kindergarten in Hezhou City, China.

The school offered the child’s parent’s 50,000 RMB (£5,693) after the boy told his parents about the trauma, which left him with recurring nightmares. 

The teacher was arrested on abuse charges when the furious parents brought police officers to the nursery in the Guangxi autonomous region.  

The entire punishment reportedly lasted for about two minutes as the teacher enveloped the child’s face in in the blanket.

His parents say they will use the money to pay for therapy.  

The teacher can be seen forcing the blanket over the boy’s face because he refused to have a nap at the nursery

Another parent claimed ‘many’ of the pupils were suffering from nightmares and fears this wasn’t an isolated incident. 

The teacher is thought to have been dismissed and the nursery school’s principal said in a statement: ‘We will cooperate fully with the ongoing investigation and will not hide from our responsibilities if found guilty.’