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Nursery worker, 19, ‘stabbed her violent and controlling father, 49’

A teenage nursery worker stabbed her ‘violent and controlling’ father to death as he rampaged through their home in a rage following a family row, a court heard.

Jessica Breeze, 19, stabbed Colin Brady, 49, in the back with an seven-inch kitchen knife moments after he had attacked and threatened to kill both her and her mother, it is alleged.

Breeze wept in the dock at Teesside Crown Court where she denies a charge of murder on June 20 2019 in the family’s home in Grove Hill, Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire,

Jessica Breeze, 19, said she was afraid for her mother’s safety when she stabbed her father Colin Brady in the neck with a seven-inch kitchen knife at their home on Middlesbrough on June 20, 2019

She claimed to police that she struck to stop her father from causing her and her mother , Kelly Breeze, further harm, saying: ‘He was trying to stab my mam.’

The court heard that she dialled 999 herself saying she’d stabbed her father and sobbed: ‘I don’t want to go to prison.’

Mr Brady, the court heard, had a ‘troubled’ relationship with his daughter and was prone to violence ‘if crossed.’

The incident that led to his alleged murder sprang from an argument that began as the family ate a takeaway meal together at 10.45pm that night.

Prosecutor Nick Dry told jurors it escalated into physical violence, with Breeze and her mother fleeing from Mr Brady and the defendant at one point contemplating leaping from an upstairs window to escape him.

He said: ‘Initially the mood was calm, delivery was taken of the takeaway food but barely a mouthful had been eaten before an argument broke out over a comment that Jessica Breeze made about Faye Brady, Colin’s sister.

‘She was saying that Faye was pestering her for money and that she was being used by Faye.

Breeze rang 999 after stabbing her father and said she 'did not want to go to prison'

Breeze rang 999 after stabbing her father and said she ‘did not want to go to prison’ 

‘At that Colin Brady became angry, the mood darkened and he stated he had spoken to Faye about Jessica’s boyfriend and he had heard bad things.

‘But whatever the rights and wrongs of that, the situation quickly escalated with Colin Brady losing his temper, throwing food to the floor and advancing on his daughter who was sitting on the settee in the front window.

‘Fearing violence, Kelly Breeze sought to get between them but she was unable to stop Colin Brady punching and/or slapping Jessica several times, an incident witnessed by a passer-by on their way home.

‘Kelly Breeze was held at bay by Mr Brady who had his thumb in her eye and said he was angered that she was taking the defendant’s side.

‘Jessica and Kelly Breeze ran into the hall and Colin Breeze told them to get out of his sight, locked the front door and demanded to know where their phones were.

‘He picked up a small kitchen knife, asking them if they wanted him to slit his throat and then motioned to cut his wrists.’

Kelly and Jessica Breeze ran upstairs into the main bedroom, with Mr Brady following behind.

Mr Dry said: ‘He entered the bedroom where Jessica Breeze had opened the window with a view to getting out of the house.’

Breeze, pictured leaving Teesside Crown Court, told police that she had disarmed her father and stabbed him in the back with the knife before calling for an ambulance

Breeze, pictured leaving Teesside Crown Court, told police that she had disarmed her father and stabbed him in the back with the knife before calling for an ambulance

Mr Brady asked ‘what the f*** are you doing?’ and the two women fled downstairs to the kitchen, where he quickly followed.

Mr Dry said: ‘He put on his coat and emerged with car keys, stating he would smash their cars up and threatened to kill both women in the kitchen next to the sink.

‘Kelly Breeze became aware of Jessica moving quickly past her and towards her father, raising her right arm and stabbing him in the back.

‘He managed to walk briefly into the hall and into the front room, looking Kelly said, like a zombie. he collapsed onto the settee asking his daughter what she had done.’

Both women called 999 and reported the incident.

Mr Dry said: ‘Jessica Breeze stated her father had been attacking them with a knife which she had taken from him and used it to stab him in the back. She sounded upset and repeatedly said she did not want to go to prison.’

Breeze continued to claim she had taken the knife from her father and stabbed him with it, an account contradicted by her mother’s in police interview.

In fact, prosecutors claim, she grabbed the largest of the kitchen knives in the house and buried it seven inches into her father’s back under his left shoulder blade, puncturing his lung and chipping bone from his ribs.

The court was told that when Breeze was born her father was serving a prison sentence and she only met him when she was a young girl.

The case, which is being tried at Teesside Crown Court, pictured, is expected to last a week

The case, which is being tried at Teesside Crown Court, pictured, is expected to last a week

Mr Dry told the court of Mr Brady’s character and his ‘troubled and volatile’ relationship with his daughter.

He said: ‘Colin Brady was a man with a violent past. He was no nonsense, controlling and intolerant to departures from the rules of his house.

‘He was quick tempered and not slow to use physical force if crossed. He and his daughter would often clash.

‘There were arguments in which Kelly Breeze would do what she could to resolve matters amicably. ‘

Mr Brady had discovered that Breeze, instead of going to work at the nursery where she was employed, had been spending days with her boyfriend Adam Leonard.

Although he did not approve, Mr Brady had been going to anger management sessions to teach him how to avoid flashpoints by walking away and leaving the house.

Mr Dry told jurors: ‘Sympathy is no defence and criminal trials are not popularity contests.’

He added: ‘The defendant says it was necessary to use force in the circumstances and the level of force she used was reasonable.

‘It is for the prosecution to make you sure that it is not made out on proper consideration of the evidence.

‘Although it may have been necessary in the circumstances to use some force during the course of the incident to defend herself and her mother, what she did by plunging a large kitchen knife into the back of her father as he was walking away with his coat on heading for the door, having signalled his intention to leave the house, could not be considered reasonable even allowing for the obvious distress at that time.’

Mr Dry said that a loss of control on the defendant’s part could provide a partial defence, making her guilty of manslaughter – but he added she had initially maintained her story that she had disarmed her father and turned his knife on him.

Kelly Breeze admitted her husband could be ‘horrible’ to his daughter, telling police in a recorded interview played to the court: ‘ When they argue he is horrible to her, he calls her a ‘s*** and a s*** and things like that.’

The trial, expected to last a week, continues.



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