Oaks Adelaide Embassy Suite theft: Man falls five-storeys from hotel room of US band ‘We Came as Romans’

Oaks Adelaide Embassy Suite theft: Man falls five-storeys from hotel room of US band ‘We Came as Romans’

  • Man falls five-storeys, survives, attempting to steal from a band 
  • The 37-year-old man is in hospital with serious injuries  

A man has plunged five-storeys off a hotel balcony after allegedly attempting to steal from the guitarist of a heavy metal band touring from the United States.

The incident occurred at the Oaks Adelaide Embassy Suite on North Terrace, in Adelaide, on Wednesday.

A man allegedly gained entry to the room of Josh Moore who is a member of the band ‘We Came as Romans’.

Mr Moore said he watched the man enter his room and take numerous items, including his passport, before barricading himself inside and locking Mr Moore out.

After the rest of the band arrived to the hotel room, the man attempted to climb down the balcony only to fall to the alleyway below.

A man has miraculously survived falling from a five-storey-high balcony of the Oaks Embassy Adelaide Suites trying to steal from a guitarist from heavy metal band, We Come as Romans 

The band played their first show on their Australian tour the night before, and left shortly after the incident to fly to Sydney for their next gig. 

Despite reportedly falling from five-storeys up, the 37-year-old alleged robber was reportedly conscious and breathing when nearby tradies reached him.

South Australian Police believe the man ‘was trying to make a getaway after allegedly stealing items from a hotel room when he fell from the balcony’.

‘The 37-year-old man sustained serious injuries and was taken to the Royal Adelaide Hospital by ambulance,’ a spokeswoman said.

Investigations into the incident are still ongoing. Mr Moore’s passport was returned to its original owner before he left for Sydney.

Disturbing footage taken shortly after the man’s fall shows him sitting on the street’s curb while being treated by paramedics.

‘This dude followed Josh into his room, barricaded himself in and locked Josh out,’ one man narrated over a video of the alleged robber.

The man had attempted to steal from the room of the guitarist of We Came as Romans, Joshua Moore (pictured), shortly grabbing his passport and a hat before being caught and returned

The band’s manager was able to use bolt cutters to gain access to the room, however the were too late as the man had already fallen from the ledge.

‘We looked (over) the balcony and we saw a guy all bloody and so we just ran down here,’ Mr Moore told 7News.

Th band’s drummer, David Puckett, said the man was well enough to speak to emergency services ‘to pick him and get him care, but also to get him out of here before he got caught’.

‘I hope he’s alright,’ Andy Glass, the band’s bass guitarist told 7News.

‘I mean he fell from five stories, which is insane.’

Mr Moore and the rest of the band were not acrimonious towards the man, Mr Moore saying he doesn’t ‘know his life, what’s going on, (but) I hope it gets better’.

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