Online casino trends we expect to see in 2021

Every year brings new trends in all industries, and the online gambling one makes no exception. In fact, if we take a close look at the latest trends, we’ll notice that the gambling industry is much different from how it was a few years ago. And the market is continuously progressing, so we expect things to change even further in the following months. But why should gamblers keep an eye on the trends? Do they experience the way they play? Well, gamblers can benefit from the improved experience the latest tendencies in online casinos bring.

The research estimated that the global online gambling industry would register $1 trillion in revenue in 2021, so it’s worth to check the trends both if you’re a gambler or an entrepreneur searching for opportunities on the market.

Intensified market growth

Reports showed a 13.2% growth in market share for the gambling industry from 2019 to 2020, with 2020 closing at $67.5 billion. Even if experts consider the world needs many years to come back to normal after the pandemic ends, online casinos like Betfair Casino will continue to grow, no matter the surrounding scenario.

Various factors trigger the escalating market progress, so let’s check them out to understand where the industry is heading towards.

Mobile gambling

Mobile gaming is popular because of its convenience. People feel lazy and find it easier to turn their laptop or smartphone on and browse their favourite websites. They find it more comfortable than travelling to a local casino, and lately, they also find it safer. People want everything right where they are, at the moment, they identified their need, and mobile gambling can provide them with that. They are connected to their mobile devices 24/7, so it’s easy to visit a website like Betfair Casino that offers access to slots. With everyone holding their smartphones in their hands from day to night, it’s no wonder why sports betting, slots, table games, and other online casino games have experienced an upturn. Therefore, among the factors that caused an intensified market growth, mobile gaming is the most noteworthy because it provides people with everything they need.


Some countries like New Zealand and the United States that didn’t previously allow online gambling have legalised the activity as a response to the growing need of people to play from their house’s comfort. And with payers having increased spending capabilities, it’s likely the online gambling industry to progress in the states where the activity was recently legalised.

Online casinos promote responsible gambling

Considering the high rates of drug abuse and mental health issues among people who practice gambling, reputable casinos have created campaigns that promote responsible gambling. In highly regulated markets like Sweden and the United Kingdom, online casino operators need to meet restrictive gambling standards that include age restrictions and reliable advertising tools that allow users to limit the risk they expose themselves to when gambling. Casinos have come up with creative ways to attract players like free spins, welcome bonuses, and slots gratis when hiring services like car rental. All these bonuses and benefits are meant to encourage people to gamble with reliable operators and casinos and limit the risk they expose themselves to.

Virtual reality changes the way people play games at home

Virtual reality is now a reality in the online gambling industry. Even if it slowly progresses it has a significant impact on its face. Although at the moment few online casinos have integrated the technology into their services, it’s expected more operators to embrace it, once it reaches more affordable prices. Casinos that use virtual reality technology provide their clients with an experience that resembles the ones in a brick-and-mortar facility. All players have to do is pick up their VR devices and enjoy the online games created for this technology. Casinos consider adopting this technology to improve players’ interactivity and provide their clients with an immersive experience, no matter if they play slots, poker, or blackjack. Through VR and AR, people can visit a casino like Betfair Casino, use slot machines, try traditional games, or interact with other gamblers.

Increased popularity of E-sports betting

Another trend we expect to see growing in popularity in 2021 is sports betting receiving greater attention from gamblers. Even before creating online casinos, people paid special attention to sports betting because it allowed them to gamble on something they have extensive knowledge about. But E-sports betting allows them to bet on a more extensive collection of sports, not just only those played locally, a feature they find more than thrilling. This diversity attracted customers that weren’t previously interested in betting on sports.

However, even if people can bet on any sport, the ones that involve physical interactions like horse racing, tennis, handball, football, and box stay on the top of websites around the world. E-sports betting is a trend that allows people to diversify their gambling activities and challenge their skills and knowledge.

Cryptocurrencies based casinos

Cryptocurrencies are a popular payment method in many industries, and there was no reason for the gambling one to ignore it any longer. While online casinos offer their clients various options for depositing and withdrawing money into and from their accounts, cryptocurrency-based operators have registered growing popularity lately. Why?

  • Digital currencies eliminate third-party entities that process payments
  • Some cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are faster, more convenient, and include a highly secured system of payment methods because they use blockchain technology

The rise in popularity of digital currencies will probably trigger a surge in the number of online casinos that use crypto coins as a secure means of online payment.

Gambling will become more social

Games like poker and bingo always had a social element because it allowed people from different environments to meet and share their skills and knowledge. Bringing these games to the online medium allowed online gambling to acquire a social side. Players communicate with chatbots and other fellow gamblers. Therefore, 2021 will allow online casinos to explore new perspectives.

Final thoughts 

Even if 2021 will be a struggling year for 2021, it looks like the gambling world will mostly register progress and improvement.