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Online entertainment: Captain Jack Casino overview

This gambling service was first opened in 2009. Since then, a loyal community of gamblers from many countries has been steadily forming. The casino owners’ idea to use a theme of medieval piracy as the casino’s main style, was indeed their key to success.

After all, this aesthetic perfectly goes with the very idea of gambling, due to the stereotypical image of pirate life. The casino developers didn’t stop there and made sure that every game in the casino’s library fits well into the overall style.

This is one of the main features that attract so much attention to this gambling website.

This online casino’s popularity is evidence of both the absolute fairness of gameplay and the focus on customers. This website is renowned for its high-quality gambling services, convenient deposit options, and quick withdrawal time.

Captain Jack Casino is licensed and thus guaranteed to be free of fraud and unfair games. Licensed gambling services are subject to the laws of the license-giver country and cannot violate the license terms and conditions.

A casino that breaks any of the conditions will have its license revoked and then shut down by the authorities.


The official website is designed in brown and beige colors that fit the chosen theme of piracy.

The upper part of the main page features the casino’s logo, authorization buttons, and a navigation bar. In general, the user interface is very convenient with no hidden options or useless elements.

Under the navigation bar, one can find interactive promotions and featured game banners. By clicking on a special button, one can activate the interactive map with several “destinations”. Each of them corresponds to a specific bonus, a promotion, or a game.

Further down on the page, two big buttons can be found:

  • Download Casino! – This button allows any registered user to download a Captain Jack Casino installation file for PCs. This application is a convenient way to play your favorite games with no need to search for the website. Besides, in contrast to web browsers, this application requires way fewer system resources and thus performs much better.
  • Instant Play – The classic web version of the online casino. This form of play can only be fully accessed after the account creation. The main benefit of this version is that Instant Play does not require the player to download and install anything. Also, both registered and unregistered players may choose to try demo versions of the games before making real money bets.

The banner for new games and the recent winners’ list are located underneath those buttons. The banner shows the games that were recently added to the gambling website’s gaming library.

The bottom of the page features a list of available payment options, software providers, and licenses.


The account creation menu is accessed by pressing the “Sign up” button on the top-right corner of the main page. Captain Jack Casino’s registration process demands the most basic data divided into two categories.

Account Information:

  • First Name;
  • Last Name;
  • Email Address;
  • Password

Personal Information:

  • Street Address;
  • City;
  • ZIP Code;
  • Country;
  • State;
  • Mobile Number;
  • Gender;
  • Date of Birth.

The account creation process is completed by clicking the “Signup” button and verifying the email. The user receives a special code on their email address and has to paste it into a special field on the newly opened page.

In order to log in after registration is over, one has to click the “Login” button on the right-top corner of the main page and fill in the Email Address and the Password.

Captain Jack games

Probably the most notable feature of this gambling service is its unique gaming library. All the offered gambling solutions were developed by Realtime Gaming exclusively for Captain Jack Casino.

All those games are properly tested and certified and thus have no unfair settings or malicious code. But the most enticing part is that most of those games were made to match the piracy setting of this internet gambling service.

The software library consists of the following types:

  • Slot Machines. The most classic casino games. Those are the most straightforward and random in terms of gameplay. In order to win real cash with slot machines, one has to roll 3 reels until they land a winning combination of symbols. Captain Jack Casino also features several video slot games that have up to 20-25 lines and thus even more winning combination possibilities.
  • Table Games. Everyone’s favorite games such as roulette, craps, poker, and blackjack. The first ones are mostly random and require the players only to think over their bets and analyze the game process. Card games are more demanding in terms of strategy.
  • Video Poker. Special variations of poker with an extended amount of game modes and options.
  • Specialty Games. Those are the best games on this website. Each of them was made exclusively for Captain Jack Casino. Those games usually have loads of different innovative features that cannot be found anywhere else.

All the gaming solutions of this casino were certified by independent gambling experts and thus feature no signs of fraud or unfair alterations to the code. Besides, all the games are based on the Random Number Generator which is absolutely random.

Mobile version

As for the availability, the Captain Jack Casino website is available on both PC and mobile browsers. Yet, the mobile casino does not have a special smartphone application. On the contrary, the mobile version is accessed via a browser.

The website has an adaptive user interface that perfectly fits the screen of any mobile device.

In comparison to the PC web browser and software variants, the mobile has its navigation panel moved into a separate pop-up menu that can be accessed via the button in the top-left corner.


Captain Jack Casino is one of the most recognizable online casinos due to its many years of service. This web gambling website is renowned for its unique features and loyal attitude towards its clientele.

Thousands of players attend this website daily and enjoy its atmosphere since its very opening. Captain Jack Casino catches the fancy of its players by catering to their gambling needs and just staying as simple and accessible as possible.