Only people with high IQs can spot the odd letter in this brain teaser in under 13 seconds… do YOU see it?

A new brain teaser claims that only highly intelligent people can spot the odd letter in a sea of letters

A new puzzle features rows of K’s and X’s and asks viewers to find the hidden letter.

Spotting the letter requires creative and quick thinking, and if you  can find the letter in 13 seconds or less, your level of intelligence is higher than people who take longer.

You have a high IQ if you can solve this brain teaser in 13 seconds or less 

Finding the letter isn’t so much about looking and simply seeing it, but about finding a different way to look at it.

You may scan the rows across or up and down quickly, but the real test is how quickly you develop problem-solving and logical reasoning skills.

The answer is the different letter is the ‘Y’ which is hidden in the fourth row and the 13th column between the Xs.

Some teasers can be used to test your mathematical or lateral thinking skills, while others are used to test your observational skills.

For example, similar to the letter-search brain teaser, puzzles that ask the person to identify the 20 differences between two pictures test your ability to locate the items quickly. In contrast, mathematical brain teasers require the individual to use logical thinking.

A mathematical brain teaser could look like this: ‘Two years ago, I was three times as old as my brother was. In three years, I will be twice as old as my brother. How old is each of us now?’

The 'Y' is hidden in between the eight rows and 14 columns

The ‘Y’ is hidden in between the eight rows and 14 columns

These types of brain teasers promote stimulation in the brain and can help build visual and spatial reasoning skills.

Meanwhile, brain teasers like the K, X, Y puzzle are used to ‘enhance the function of the prefrontal cortex, which plays an important role in cognitive abilities, such as thinking, decision-making, concentration, and problem-solving,’ according to National Institute of Health.

And while the letter puzzle might have proved tricky for some, not all brain teasers are the same, rest assured that it may not be that you have a low IQ, it could simply indicate what type of intelligence you possess.