Optimal Hosting Provider for Dedicated Server Users in the UK

Online shopping became a symbol of the present day and this way of undertaking commercial transactions is convenient and fast. Moreover, since we have added such notions as lockdown into our everyday vocabulary, too, it turns sometimes into the only solution possible, irreplaceable for millions of consumers.

For the owner of a business in the UK, having a web resource is out of question as at least 93% of the UK population have access to the Internet and online shopping is growing in popularity with all age groups. Then, to serve customers in London means facing even a bigger challenge.

Which Server Type is the Best Solution?

To win those customers’ confidence, your web sites and applications ought to be intellectually designed and highly stable and maneuverable. Then your goal comes to finding the right server from the right provider. But how does one understand what is right and what is wrong?

Let’s start with servers. Experience leads us to conclude that in most cases you might dwell upon four types of them: shared server, virtual private server, cloud server and dedicated server. It’s not all that difficult to choose among them, especially when we speak about London.

Although renting a shared server might become quite a good solution for a small enterprise with a relatively smaller number of clients, you have to understand that shared hosting presupposes that you use it with many others, including clients of other companies, these companies themselves and multiple other users of this server. Then comes the moment, when all they go online, and it may slow down the whole server’s performance (sometimes, downward to zero), with no exception for your website.

So, this cheap and cheerful option is not the best strategy to win customers’ confidence. In such an immense megapolis as London, even the owners of smaller businesses should consider renting or purchasing more reliable types of servers, maybe not so cheap, but more efficient. Let’s make a short description of them:

Virtual Private Server or VPS is actually the same old shared server, however, here you are allocated a separate space on it with an assigned size of capacity. A bit more costly and a bit safer.

Cloud Server allows you to “copy” your website on a cluster of servers; and if one of them is down, you will be able to use any other from those alive. Together with VPS, they are not a bad decision, as you attain dedicated space and efficiency while you don’t pay for a dedicated server itself demanding a bit more money.

Dedicated Server at hand supplies you with much ampler opportunities as it is actually at your hands only. So, let’s see why the dedicated server is worth its price in such a city as London and whether it is a real necessity for you to obtain it.

Is a Dedicated Server the Exact Thing My Business in the UK Needs?

Advantages of dedicated servers are solid and here are some of them:

You employ it alone! This may be crucial for a big city online commerce. It means you are the unique user of the bandwidth, as well as of the processor capacities. Here you can define a certain volume of traffic needed. Then slowing down and absence of connection is not about your company!

Great Customizability. To attract customers’ attention in London your website ought to be exceptional in its design, but sometimes ambitious ideas just cannot be implemented because of a flexibility shortage, but it’s definitely not the case of dedicated servers.

Security Issues. Here you also get a wide range of opportunities to customize safety settings from antivirus choice on out to your personal algorithms of access to data and storage of all information.

These are telling arguments for London type businesses and its higher price will pay for itself. But let us be realistic. The truth is that you cannot choose a bad server, any way, as all of them are good in a certain situation. Instead, you may choose something unsuitable for your case. Thus, before you decide, you should size up your needs. Not a genius specialist from the best provider ever will help you until you do it.

What is the Algorithm For Choosing the Best Provider in the UK?

Now, when you have measured your project’s size, budget and broad-brush number of expected clients, you ought to make one more choice – this time on a hosting provider. While there are not bad servers, bad providers really exist. Whether your company is situated in London or another city in the UK, or even in another part of the world, you might have to decide between local and global providers.

Don’t bother with studying providers’ toplists in your area. Don’t let them put ideas into your head – make a deliberate choice yourself! Just read the provider’s offer. It should be actually readable with no hidden truths behind the words.

Then don’t be too fast to red pencil global providers as, in case of London, their great portability and ability to support large areas all around the world may be that very best decision for you. An example of GTHost came into my mind. The provider is Canadian, but their service covers the USA and Europe, too. It means that the company will offer you heart and hand these most important opportunities:

  • Wide range of hosting packages all explained in detail on their web site.
  • More than enough flexibility to choose certain parameters.
  • Proven support strategy ready to solve any problem 24/7.
  • Transparent conditions without extra pay surprise.

Whether you go to this company or any other, the above should become your algorithm of choosing your best provider. Thus, we reach a conclusion that addressing a reputable company and the use of dedicated server must be the pillars of your success.