Oxford Uni limits guests to cut down on noisy sex parties

Oxford University tells students they can only have one overnight guest twice a month to cut down on noisy sex parties after ‘wildest year’ in history

  • Colleges require requests a month in advance – some ban guests from rooms 
  • Students accuse  bosses of ‘treating us like kids’ and being ‘stuck in 17th century’
  • Piers Gaveston Society event faces ban after party with drugs and sex tents 

Oxford University students have accused bosses of ‘treating us like kids’ after limiting overnight stays for guests to twice a month to cut out noisy parties and curb loud sex.

Several colleges require requests a month in advance and Hertford College are clear that students will breach their tenancy without ‘written permission’ for stays.

And guest numbers are also limited to one per room to avoid raucous behaviour or banned completely.

Away from halls Oxford students have enjoyed one of their ‘wildest’ years in history with a series of debauched events.

Dons have already vowed to shut down the notorious Piers Gaveston Society orgy-filled summer party where drunken students allegedly whipped virgins during live sex shows and got high in a ‘drugs tent’.  

Partying at Oxford (pictured) has become a controversial issue after a series of out of control events hit the headlines and some colleges are now limiting guests 

But students have complained that in contrast there is too little freedom in their own rooms.

One student told The Sun: ‘This shows just how hopelessly out of touch the colleges are. It’s like they were written in the 17th Century, when sex was illegal outside of marriage.’ 

Another said: ‘If they want us to act maturely, they could start by giving us responsibility instead of treating us like kids.

‘Perhaps that’s why Oxford students go so mad at parties, as they’re forced to repress it.’

Oxford colleges have strict rules about guests and are known to enforce them.

Students at St Hugh’s College must ‘seek advance permission from the Dean’ – while Brazenose says that visitors are only permitted approximately once a week.

St John’s says that guests are only permitted if there is an email in advance and visits cannot be frequent.

Magdalen College has an outright ban and guests need a separate room costing £90 per night. 

Oxford says policies vary from college to college but they need to know who is inside halls at all times

Oxford says policies vary from college to college but they need to know who is inside halls at all times

A university spokesman said: ‘Colleges need to know how many are on the premises. This is a basic safety requirement in case of fire or other emergency.

‘Every individual college has this responsibility and each has a policy to ensure they meet it.’



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