P-Plater is slammed for parking over two disabled spots without a permit in Maitland

‘What a flog, tow it away’: P-plater is slammed for parking his van across TWO disabled spaces without a permit

  • A p-plater driver has been slammed for parking over two disabled spaces
  • The poorly parked car was spotted in Maitland, in northern New South Wales
  • NSW has harshest penalty for falsely using disabled spot – $572 fine, one demerit

A P-plater has been slammed for a ‘horrible’ parking job that saw their 4WD parked across two disabled spaces without a permit. 

The car was spotted at a park in Maitland, in northern NSW, on Thursday afternoon by an outraged passer-by.

They shared the image to Facebook group Australian Disability Parking Wall of Shame, where it received dozens of angry responses. 

‘No excuses… if you are awake and aware enough to conduct your automobile on the roads and drive from place to place, then you can park straight between two lines,’ one man said. 

‘What a flog, tow it away,’ another added.

A P-plater driver has been slammed for parking over two disabled bays with no permit in sight

A third person had a more devious plan for the car, suggesting it be moved out of the way.  

‘Sometimes you wish you could always carry two sets of vehicle positioning jacks for times like these,’ he wrote.

‘Jack the f***er up and move it to the other end of the car park.’ 

New South Wales has the harshest penalties for misusing disabled parking bays in Australia. 

Drivers will be fined $572 and lose one demerit point for parking in a disabled space without a proper permit. 

In addition, this driver could be fined an extra $114 for parking over two parking spots. 

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