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Illinois woman took son’s dead body on train ride

An Illinois woman accused of taking the body of her six-year-old onto a commuter train to Chicago after his beating death last summer has been charged with firs... read more

Southern Baptists to pay Texas shooting victims’ funerals

ANNABELLE POMEROY The daughter of First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy, who was out of town with his wife. Her devastated father said he lost ‘one be... read more

Video shows police surrounding Texas church shooter’s car

ANNABELLE POMEROY The daughter of First Baptist Church Pastor Frank Pomeroy, who was out of town with his wife. Her devastated father said he lost ‘one be... read more

Joe Biden: Hillary backers would stop at nothing

Joe Biden knew he was capable of beating Hillary Clinton in the presidential race – but decided not to run fearing a ‘stop at nothing’ campaig... read more

Harvey Weinstein agreed to pay $1.3m to ex-Mossad agents

Harvey Weinstein’s original contract with an Israeli intelligence firm, published exclusively here, reveals that the disgraced movie executive agreed to p... read more

Lund University: fathers keep postnatal depression secret

A third of depressed new fathers have thought about hurting themselves or their child, a worrying new study shows. Experts say post-natal depression in men goes... read more

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ discusses his guide to success

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos added $6.24 billion (£4.6 bn) to his wealth, becoming the world’s richest person Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos added $6.24 billion (£4.6 b... read more

X Factor Lloyd Macey reveals Crohn’s Disease hell

He’s the happy-go-lucky Welsh singer hoping to take home the X Factor crown. But Lloyd Macey shared a more serious side of his story with fans during an a... read more

The simple hack that can improve your WiFi in minutes

Scientists have revealed a simple trick that can improve your wireless signal and even strengthen its security, all for under $40 – and, it could outperform a... read more

U.S. Justice Dept. mulls limits on overlapping corporate penalties

By Reuters Published: 19:21 GMT, 8 November 2017 | Updated: 19:21 GMT, 8 November 2017 By Sarah N. Lynch WASHINGTON, Nov 8 (Reuters) – The U.S. Justice De... read more

Met police officer is filmed punching suspect in the face

This is the moment Metropolitan Police officers robustly restrain a suspect while he lays on the ground. An officer is seen on camera holding the man down and p... read more

Dentists can stop children from becoming fat

Dentists can stop children from becoming fat and may be the best weapon to fight rising obesity rates, researchers claim. Teaching youngsters to avoid sugary sn... read more

Preschoolers help their teacher’s boyfriend propose

It’s hard to say no to a group of adorable children. Dallin Knecht, 26, enlisted the help of his girlfriend’s preschool students to pull of a surpri... read more

Video reveals the MEGAROCKET that will take humans to Mars

NASA has revealed a breathtaking glimpse at what it could look like when the SLS megarocket finally blasts off for its first mission. The space agency released ... read more

Peta releases shocking footage of Canada Goose suppliers

Horrifying footage shows workers at a firm that supplies down for Canada Goose rounding up terrified geese and cramming them into tiny cages. At least one bird ... read more

Wounds that happen during the day heal 60 percent FASTER

Wounds heal up to 60 percent quicker if they happen during the day rather than at night, researchers have found.  Skin cells carry out repairs to cuts and burn... read more

Amateur bakers share clever hacks on Diphy

They may not have Mary Berry’s culinary prowess, but these amateur bakers have certainly come up with some very clever short-cuts in the kitchen. And the ... read more

‘Butterfly’ boy saved after doctors create him a new skin

A boy with a fatal skin disease has been saved by pioneering doctors who created an almost complete new skin for him in the laboratory.  The seven-year-old boy... read more

Model David Byers pleads guilty to string of robberies

Fitness model, David Byers (pictured), 35, who led police on a cross-country manhunt earlier this year, has pleaded guilty to a string of armed robberies in NY ... read more

Meet the tortured dog who still loves humans

Meet the abandoned dog who loves humans despite horrific torture that left his mouth rotting away after it was taped shut. Animal rescuer Hayley Zielinski, 48, ... read more

Heidi Klum’s ex Seal struggles with his love life

He finalised his divorce from wife of nine-years, Heidi Klum, in 2014.   And Seal boldly admitted that he finds it ‘hard’ to maintain relationships... read more

Edinburgh woman and children forced to live in a tiny room

A young mother and her four children have been forced to live in a tiny room while she painstakingly waits for a council house. Toni Bell, 24, is still on the w... read more

Angelika Graswald sentenced for fiance’s kayaking death

A woman who admitted to causing her fiance’s death on New York’s Hudson River by removing a plug from his kayak has been sentenced to up to four yea... read more

Georgia woman charged with murder of son left in hot car

Lillian Stone, 25, was charged with murder on Tuesday by Fulton County Police  She is accused of leaving her three-year-old son locked in a hot car in the driv... read more