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Man must cut 30ft trees after losing battle in Edinburgh

A man who said his 30ft garden trees helped him forget he lived in a city has been ordered to halve their height after losing a seven-year battle with neighbour... read more

Sleep paralysis linked to stress and PTSD

Model Kendal Jenner has spoken out about the terrifying effects of her sleep paralysis The causes of sleep paralysis have not been fully understood – until no... read more

The Snowman creator hates Christmas and won’t go to play

Mr Briggs feels Christmas is over sentimental and says his book is actually about mortality Even though The Snowman probably made him a millionaire several time... read more

Japanese drone plays music at employees to make them leave

A drone that hovers over Japanese employees and blares out music to force them to go home has been created by an office security and cleaning firm. The ‘T... read more

Masked men armed with knives break into Brisbane home

Pensioners Henry and Sue Spierenburg were victims of a violent home invasion A group of three men wearing masks broke into their house with a baseball bat They ... read more

British couple travel the world in a tiny camper van

For most people losing their jobs is a rather unpleasant experience. But for Olivia Magill and Matt Botting, it was a blessing. When the young couple, who both ... read more

Earth’s eerie hum captured in the ocean for the first time

A mysterious hum that has baffled people all over the world for decades has been recorded in the ocean for the first time. The low frequency hum has been known ... read more

Children’s movies are fueling poor eating

Children’s movies may be fueling the obesity crisis as nearly all films aimed at youngsters feature unhealthy food, new research reveals. Of the top-gross... read more

Minnesota lawyer couple found dead in murder suicide

Ryan and Sarah Cheshire, both 41, were found dead in Fergus Falls on Wednesday night Neighbors called police after hearing screams and found them inside with gu... read more

Pervert banned from using the internet

Russell Dawkes, 26, kept the extreme images on his phone which he would show his friends after drinking sessions in the pub A pervert who had more than 100 pict... read more

ISIS hackers take down local council website

They threatened a massive cyber attack on governments and armies around the world starting with ‘the cursed Unites States’ today. But ISIS hackers h... read more

Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers at GQ Men party

He takes on a central role in the controversial film Call Me By Your Name which tells the love story of a 17-year-old teenager and his father’s research a... read more

Pictured: Boy, 17, killed after woman mowed down students

Jacob Cummins, 17, died after a woman allegedly deliberately drove a car into a group of his mates. The incident was linked to an earlier brawl between two riva... read more

Claire Foy shines in The Crown Season Two, by Jim Shelley

The Crown is high-class television, however you feel about the Monarchy or choose to watch it. It is gripping and seductive, intelligent and accessible – whet... read more

Will YOU have kids? It depends on how old your mother was

How old your mother was when you were born may affect if you’ll go onto have children, a major study concludes.  Nearly 20 per cent of women born to mot... read more

Cries of no no no heard as binman dies in Chelmsford

Cries of ‘no no no’ were heard as colleagues and paramedics tried in vain to save a binman who died this morning after allegedly being hit by his ow... read more

Sergeant facing attempted murder retrial can’t return home

An Army sergeant facing a retrial for the attempted murder of his wife by allegedly tampering with her parachute has been denied permission by a judge to return... read more

Boy is stabbed to death near school in Hertfordshire

A murder investigation has been launched after a 15-year-old was stabbed to death outside a primary school. Police and paramedics were called in Waltham Cross, ... read more

The funniest Australian viral TV memes revealed

While many ordinary Australians apply for reality TV shows for their fast-track to fame, others find the spotlight by accident. These days anyone can become a v... read more

Trump Jr ‘approved plans for Russian social media profile’

The British music publicist who organized a meeting between Donald Trump Jr and Russians reportedly urged a top Trump aide to get the then-presidential candidat... read more

FEMAIL tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh this holiday

For many people, buying and decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most enjoyable parts of the festive season – and for some, it even helps to herald t... read more

14 UN peacekeepers are killed in attack in Eastern Congo

The attack occurred in North Kivu province of Democratic Republic of the Congo UN’s peacekeeping chief Jean-Pierre Lacroix said he is ‘outraged... read more

Car speeds down the verge of a fast lane in Bedford

An impatient driver has raced down the verge of the fast lane on a dual carriageway near Bedford to avoid heavy traffic and terrify all those around them. The i... read more

CCTV shows a gang of thieves steal a motorbike in seconds

CCTV footage showing thieves steal a motorbike in just seconds has led to a clampdown on a gang linked to a string of motorbike thefts across Leeds. The so-call... read more