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Kobe Bryant could win Oscar for short film Dear Basketball

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the ten animated short films that will advance in the voting process for the 90th annual Academy Award... read more

Manchester teacher jailed after raping boy

Andre Holder, 25, of Longsight, Greater Manchester, targeted his teenage victim ‘over a number of months’ before raping him A teacher has been jaile... read more

Optical illusion during dark storm stuns internet

A peculiar video of a rolling storm in Queensland has the internet intrigued  The clip was posted online and shows a giant hand reflected in the dark sky But i... read more

Aristotle ‘advice’ on when to unfriend someone on Facebook

The nature and ethics of ‘fake news’ has become a subject of widespread concern. But, for many of us, the issue is much more personal: What are we t... read more

Falcons attack prey in the same way as guided missiles

Peregrine falcons attack their prey on the wing as if they were air-to-air guided missiles, a study has found. Lessons from the birds’ control strategy co... read more

Grieving husband wrongly branded a cheat after cop error

A grieving husband was wrongly labelled a cheat after a detective misunderstood his wife’s suicide note to think he was having an affair.   Nicole Putne... read more

Suffering artist’s work sells for 35% less 

The term ‘tortured artists’ has been used to describe some of history’s greatest painters, from Vincent Van Gogh and Henri de Tolousse-Lautrec... read more

How a simple hearing test might prevent dementia

Anyone in your family complained about how loud you set the volume on the TV? Chances are you ignored them, and put off having a hearing test. But there’s now... read more

Stellar wind blow for hopes of life on other planets

Astronomers have long studied the universe for signs of life elsewhere. They even say many faraway worlds have conditions that could be right for life. But two ... read more

Kristin Cavallari strikes a pose in flattering gown

By Mike Larkin For Published: 03:59 GMT, 3 December 2017 | Updated: 23:45 GMT, 4 December 2017 She is famous for her figure.  And Kristin Cavalla... read more

Stray Colorado llama captured after six months on the run

A cheeky llama who managed to evade wildlife authorities for six months has been captured.  On Sunday, the Fort Collins Natural Areas Department reported that ... read more

MH370 search party urged to re-examine photos of debris

Aviation experts have demanded a new investigation into images showing debris floating in the Indian Ocean soon after missing flight MH370 vanished. Leader of t... read more

Harvey Weinstein enjoys lunch out during his ‘rehab’ stay

Harvey Weinstein was spotted out to lunch and away from his rehabilitation facility with an unidentified female companion on Monday. And unlike the last few tim... read more

Would you spend £400 on a Biolab nutritional check-up?

Adam Lee-Potter went for a £400 nutritional check-up at Biolab, in Harley Street At 47, I consider myself in pretty good nick. I’m quite fit — I play squas... read more

Anderlecht boss places squad on storm alert against Celtic

Anderlecht head coach Hein Vanhaezebrouck hardly needs great clairvoyant powers to see what’s coming his way at Celtic Park on Tuesday night. Still, as even t... read more

Rescue crew fails to find bodies of four missing fishermen

Rescue crews have failed to find the bodies of four missing fishermen who drowned when their trawler sank off the coast of Queensland in October. The vessel ... read more

Adalind Judd suffers epilepsy where spasms occurs daily

Adalind Judd (pictured) was diagnosed with West syndrome – a form of epilepsy in infants Little Adalind Judd was in her pram at the supermarket with her ... read more

Japan’s HPV vaccine rate dropped after fake antivaxx study

HPV vaccine rates have plummeted in Japan, Ireland and Denmark after a wave of allegations that the shot causes brain damage and seizures. The downturn came aft... read more

First ever prescription VIDEO GAME may be approved

Playing tailor-made video games can help children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to results from a pivotal clinical trial annou... read more

Dentist accused of killing mistress son plotted her murder

An Oklahoma dentist accused of causing fatal skull fractures to his mistress’s 19-month-old son was charged Monday in a new felony case- with conspiring t... read more

I’m A Celebrity: Rebekah Vardy leaves jungle

Rebekah Vardy was the third person to be eliminated from the I’m A Celebrity jungle in Australia during emotional scenes on Monday’s episode. The wi... read more

Dustin Martin’s father Shane wins deportation appeal

The bikie father of AFL star Dustin Martin could soon return to Australia after winning his appeal against deportation to New Zealand. Shane Martin was exiled t... read more

Grant Denyer looks glum as wife is to undergo surgery

His wife Chezzi revealed to her blog last week, that she’s to undergo surgery, just weeks before Christmas, for debilitating migraines. And following the ... read more

Jab for weak muscles may also silence snoring

An injection that is commonly used to stop muscle weakness could put an end to snoring. The jab contains a drug that causes muscles to contract. The theory is t... read more