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Disney CEO Bob Iger likely to stay on past 2019

Walt Disney Co Chief Executive Bob Iger will likely extend his tenure past 2019 to facilitate integration of Twenty-First Century Fox Inc assets if a deal is co... read more

International Women’s Day was biggest 2017 Facebook moment

Facebook has revealed that International Women’s Day 2017 was the most talked-about moment on the social media site this year. The attention on the site s... read more

A child can still be scarred by divorce 40 years later

Lying on my couch, a new client — we’ll call her Susan — recently became extremely distressed. In her 50s and adamant that she longs for marriage, she had... read more

Two workers critically injured after falling into oil tank

Two men are trapped in an oil tank after accident at western Sydney ink factory Rescue crews expect the ‘complex operation’ to rescue them will take... read more

Kyle Sandilands tears during heartbreaking interview

A heartbreaking radio interview had Kyle Sandilands and his colleagues on the verge of tears on Thursday. Alongside KIIS FM co-host Jackie O Henderson, the 46-y... read more

Air Force vet loses 80lbs and goes from a size 18 to a 6

A retired U.S. Air Force veteran has revealed how she went from wearing a size 18 to a size 6 after shedding 80lbs in just one year.    Diana Philpot, 57, wa... read more

Alberto Moreno hobbles off in tears with ankle injury

Alberto Moreno appears to have serious ankle injury after leaving pitch in tears  Liverpool defender is likely to be ruled out of Merseyside derby this weekend... read more

Trees planted in memory of WW1 heroes to be cut down

They stand tall and proud as living memorials to young men who fought and died for their country in the Great War. The soldiers who attended the same local prim... read more

Ex-NSA spy believes microwave attack gave him Parkinson’s

A former US National Security Agency officer believes that a weaponized microwave attack caused the Parkinson’s disease that is now slowly killing him 10 year... read more

Little girl’s meltdown when father sings pop song in car

This toddler certainly changes her tune – especially when dad starts trying to sing her favourite song. Little Alexia Rologas is obsessed with Kelly Clarkson&... read more

Alternate juror in Kate Steinle trial defends verdict

Juror speaks out: Silicon Valley engineer Philip Van Stockum, an alternate juror in the Kate Steinle murder trial, wrote an essay defending the jury’s no... read more

Prankster gets TripAdvisor to make restaurant number 1

A prankster made his shed into TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurant in London thanks to the help of fake reviews written by him and his friends. Oobah Butle... read more

Wife of missing schoolteacher makes tearful plea for help

Central Queensland wife Rebecca Smith has made a tearful plea to find husband Her spouse Blair Smith was last seen at Boyne Valley near Gladstone on Tuesday The... read more

Figures reveal councils that rake in most parking fines

Councils are gearing up for a Christmas parking fine ‘bonanza’ to top up their coffers after a lucrative summer. An investigation for the Daily Mail has ide... read more

How the royals recycle their rocks

The Duchess of Cambridge stepped out this week in the Lover’s Knot tiara, an old favourite of Princess Diana, while Camilla chose the Greville tiara, once own... read more

Who does Meghan Markle have to curtsey to?

Take a dip: How Meghan might look when curtseying Years ago, when Prince Philip was a mere whippersnapper, he thought the whole business of curtseying at Court ... read more

75 million-year-old fossils reveal new species of dinosaur

A bizarre feathered dinosaur resembling a nightmarish mutant swan has been identified by scientists. The strange creature had a graceful swan-like neck but also... read more

Mariah Woods ‘was abused by her mother’s boyfriend’

A man accused of dumping his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in a North Carolina creek had allegedly sexually abused her before her death. Earl Kimre... read more

Jeremy Corbyn wants foreign aid budget increased

Jeremy Corbyn yesterday questioned whether the £13.4billion foreign aid budget is big enough. Spending on overseas development has repeatedly risen under the c... read more

Bob Katter tells parliament gay men responsible for AIDS

Maverick MP Bob Katter has been condemned for describing gay people as murderers responsible for AIDS and alleging boys are being forced to wear dresses. The co... read more

Regulation over vaginal mesh implants is inadequate

A 65-year-old grandfather has slammed the controversial vaginal mesh procedure that has destroyed the life of his beloved wife and left her contemplating suicid... read more

Brits fighting for ISIS should be ‘eliminated’

Gavin Williamson signalled he was prepared to hunt down and use air strikes against the remaining 270 UK passport holders who have travelled to Syria and Iraq. ... read more

Perth boy killed after working on church site with dad

A 12-year-old Western Australian boy has died after being injured in a sissor lift accident while volunteering on a Church construction site alongside his fathe... read more

Kyle Sandilands tears during heartbreaking intrerview

A heartbreaking radio interview had Kyle Sandilands and his colleagues on the verge of tears on Thursday. Alongside KIIS FM co-host Jackie O Henderson, the 46-y... read more