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Video shows dad beating girl with belt and shaving head

Horrifying footage has surfaced of a father lashing a teenage girl, who is believed to be his daughter, with a belt then shaving off her hair as punishment for ... read more

17 suspects identified in Hungary extremist group probe

By Associated Press Published: 13:22 GMT, 8 December 2017 | Updated: 13:22 GMT, 8 December 2017 BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) – Hungarian police say 17 suspects ... read more

Jihadi with links to Manchester bomber is jailed

A jihadi with links to the Manchester Arena bomber has been jailed after trying to become an ISIS sniper before buying his way of the group because he ‘mi... read more

Coffs Harbour tourist dolphin park sparks backclash

A dolphin park is under fire for forcing dolphins to perform ‘humiliating tricks’ and live their lives out in small, chlorinated pools – but exper... read more

Hidden windmill drawing found at Isaac Newton’s home

It was the childhood home where Sir Issac Newton would go on to split the sun’s rays using a prism, altering the way we think about light forever. Now, ... read more

Dior Homme is releasing a $2,300 BMX bike for Christmas

When it comes to asking Santa Claus for a Christmas gift, a new bicycle is a common request for many kids. But French fashion house Dior is giving big kids with... read more

Russian body-builder faces having limbs amputated

A Russian man has been warned he faces having his arms amputated after using a home made chemical concoction to bulk up his muscles. Kirill Tereshin, 21, from P... read more

Timelapse video shows ash billowing from Bali’s volcano

The Mount Agung volcano on Indonesia’s tourist island of Bali was observed ejecting plumes of ash on Friday morning,  as a weeks-long period of activity ... read more

Father shoots and kills robber at a Texas Popeyes

A father eating a meal with his family at a Texas Popeyes shot and killed a robber who threatened him and his wife and children with a gun. Carlos Molina, 32, w... read more

Paloma Faith wows on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show

She has been hitting all the right style notes with her quirky sense of style as she rides off the success of her latest album The Architect. And Paloma Faith p... read more

Woman five months pregnant found dead in Milton Keynes

Body of pregnant young woman found dead has sparked full-scale investigation Police described the death as ‘unexplained’ as forensic officers were c... read more

Australian chef claims ex was ‘obsessed with murderers’

An Australian man whose ex-partner was charged over the shocking murder of a pregnant woman claims his former wife was obsessed with serial killers. Brooke Crew... read more

How Time almost blew their Person of the Year announcement

Time’s Person of the Year award was accidentally leaked on the website the night before it’s big reveal – but only two people on Twitter notic... read more

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves soaks up the sights in India

He recently returned from a trip to India, where he found time to shoot a royal cameo in a Bollywood movie in between soaking up the sights. And plastic surgery... read more

How to decide if you really want to be a mother

While fifty years ago there was an expectation that motherhood was a natural progression for women, starting a family is no longer a given for today’s gen... read more

HMRC identify 260 employers failing to give minimum wage

Sports Direct and Primark are among hundreds of companies ‘named and shamed’ by the Government for failing to pay workers the national minimum wage... read more

Terry Adams pays £730,000 despite claiming he was poor

Former mob boss Terry Adams has found £730,000 to avoid going to prison – nine months since he said he couldn’t find the money Former mob boss Terr... read more

Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy catch hail together

Their relationship status has been the subject of hot gossip.  But on Friday, it appeared Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy were feeling quite the chill. The blonde b... read more

Champion boxer Bilal Fawaz faces being deported to Nigeria

An elite level boxer who has fought for England six times is facing being deported to Nigeria. Bilal Fawaz was detained at the Tinsley House Immigration Centre... read more

Fiancee says Papadopoulos had ‘high-level’ contacts

The fiancee of former Trump campaign foreign policy aide George Papadopoulos says he was no low-level ‘coffee boy’  and was ‘constantly’... read more

Professor Shirley Tate claims Strictly is racist

Despite either consistently topping the leader board or scoring highly, Strictly Come Dancing contestant Alexandra Burke has found herself languishing in the bo... read more

Man jailed for ruffle hair attack in Cleesthorpe bar

A man has been jailed for attacking a teenager in a bar after he ruffled his girlfriend’s hair – despite her doing it to him first. Laura Hirst walk... read more

Warwickshire man may be able to care for daughter again

Lithuanian father found to have shaken his baby daughter, causing injuries He wasn’t prosecuted but social services moved in to work with the family A fam... read more

Parents face legal battle to keep baby son alive

Two loving parents are facing a legal battle to save their baby son’s life after a hospital applied to the High Court to switch off his life support.  Al... read more