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British climber saved his wife’s life

A British climber who died after being crushed by a huge boulder saved his wife’s life by diving on top of her. Andrew Foster, 32, and his wife Lucy Foste... read more

Lady Gaga gets crowned first honorary Miss Gay America

She is currently on a long road to recovery due to Fibromyalgia. And Lady Gaga has been getting a tremendous amount of love and support from her friends, fans, ... read more

The Latest: Man arrested in 1980 killing of pregnant woman

By Associated Press Published: 02:13 BST, 30 September 2017 | Updated: 02:14 BST, 30 September 2017 LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Latest on an arrest in the 1980... read more

Queensland man pinned down with 120kg barbell at gym

A Queensland man has been filmed dropping a 120kg barbell on his neck in what has been the second gym-related accident in a week. The horrifying clip, which was... read more

Kim Kardashian ‘excited’ Khloe and Kylie are ‘pregnant’

She confirmed she’s expecting baby number three with Kanye West via surrogate during a Keeping Up With The Kardashians teaser released on Thursday. And Ki... read more

Dr Max talks placebo, homeopathy and liposuction

During World War II, Henry Beecher, an American anaesthetist, made an extraordinary discovery. Many of the soldiers he treated had suffered horrific injuries. H... read more

7 in 10 think children should live with both parents

Seven out of 10 people believe it is best for children to grow up with both their natural parents, a report on family breakdown found yesterday. A similar numbe... read more

3 killed, 4 injured after car hits bear on Colorado road

Three people were killed and four seriously injured when a car careened off a major highway after it struck a bear. The Colorado State Patrol says seven people ... read more

Neurologists new plan on how to beat Alzheimer’s

As a high-powered lawyer at the top of her game, Evelyne had always been efficient, authoritative and in control. But when she reached 60, she reluctantly began... read more

David Cameron claimed £50,000 expenses after quitting No10

David Cameron received tens of thousands of pounds in ‘public duty’ allowance after quitting Downing Street – as he raked in money from corpor... read more

Sydney beats Melbourne to be coffee capital of Australia

It’s long been thought that Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia, but new research shows those in Sydney are buying more of the brew. On average p... read more

Sitar played by George Harrison sells for £47,000

An Indian stringed instrument owned and played by George Harrison on one of the Beatles’ best-known tracks has sold for almost £50,000. The sitar, which feat... read more

Bel Mooney answers readers’ emotional questions

Love asks us to enjoy our life For nothing good can come of death. ‘Who is alive?’ I ask. Those who are born of love Rumi (13th-century Persian poet, Islami... read more

Dwarf pony Alfie brings joy to his owner at her lowest ebb

The first time I saw Little Alf, I started laughing. I couldn’t help it. He was a tiny, hairy mess, standing in the middle of a flooded field, with a coat tha... read more

Tarek and Christina El Moussa are all smiles while on set

They announced they were ending their seven year marriage late last year. But despite Tarek, 36, and Christina, 34, El Moussa’s divorce, the two are still... read more

How Amazon can rip you off by changing prices 300 times

When Alexander Turney Stewart opened a brand new store in New York in the 1820s, he adopted a radical and original policy. All goods had a fixed price. No longe... read more

Animal cruelty offenders face five-year jail terms

Cruelty to animals will be punished with up to five years in prison under plans drawn up by Michael Gove Cruelty to animals will be punished with up to five yea... read more

Corbyn ally’s vile Nazi slur on our democracy

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s closest allies claims that British governments have enforced power like the Nazis did, the Daily Mail can reveal. Hard-Left MP Clive Le... read more

End of the super-cheap mortgage

Banks are withdrawing the last of their super-cheap mortgage deals following a Bank of England warning of an interest rate rise as early as November. Seven of t... read more

Is Monarch on the brink again?

The future of Monarch airlines was hanging in the balance last night as it held last-ditch talks over its finances. Monarch, which has been in turmoil for more ... read more

Dom Joly thought James Corden wouldn’t make it in USA

British comedian Dom Joly has weighed in on James Corden’s move to the USA – and admits he didn’t think he’d be a success. The Trigger H... read more

Street shut down after man with knife and baton arrested

Police arrested a man and shut down part of Flinders Street in Melbourne CBD The man was reportedly doing doughnuts in his car and driving dangerously A witness... read more

Two ex-members of the IRA could finally face prosecution

Patrick Doherty, 31: The married father of six was shot from behind as he attempted to crawl to safety from the forecourt of Rossville flats. The active civil r... read more

South Africa ‘hijacked’ by Indian businessmen brothers

The posters are fading now, but their hate-filled message burns as fiercely as ever. Brandished during a mass protest against South Africa’s corrupt President... read more