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Briton fighting against IS killed in Raqa: family

By Afp Published: 13:32 BST, 24 October 2017 | Updated: 13:32 BST, 24 October 2017 This file photo taken on April 19, 2015 shows Jac Holmes from the UK in a tre... read more

Sleepwalkers have better multi-tasking skills when awake

People who sleepwalk are more likely to go operate on ‘autopilot’ even when they are awake, a new study has found.  Researchers made the discovery after te... read more

Rebekah Vardy talks about sexual abuse in teens

She previously confessed the abuse she endured in her teenage years drove a wedge between her and her family. And Rebekah Vardy gave a powerful new interview wi... read more

Chris Hoy puts Ferrari 458 Italia up for sale for £140,000

Olympic hero Sir Chris Hoy took part in the Le Mans 24-hour race in 2016 In 2014 he achieved his first podium finish in the British GT Championship Six-time Oly... read more

Verdict due for Eminem’s lawsuit against New Zealand party

Result of Eminem’s lawsuit against New Zealand political party set to be heard The rap superstar’s publishers sued the National Party over a song in... read more

Kickboxer Adam Watt sues the prison where he was attacked

A former Australian champion kickboxer is suing the prison where he was bashed so severely by another inmate, he was declared dead. Adam Watt, 49, who used to b... read more

Scots villains who felt long arm of law from 1870 to 1917 

These are the thieves, conmen and pickpockets who felts the long arms of the law in Victorian and Edwardian-era Scotland. The fascinating display of criminals&... read more

Elephants walk for miles in search of water

During periods of drought, elephants such as these in a Kenyan national park, are able to walk long distances in their search of a water source. This herd was s... read more

Refugee smuggled into Britain enrols at Cambridge

Rabia Nasimi, pictured, has enrolled at Cambridge University for a PhD 18 years after arriving in the UK in a refrigerated lorry after fleeing the Taliban in Af... read more

Doctors reveal tactics to stay energised during the day

If you’re keen on an energy boost, you’d probably listen to what your doctor advises. Well, now you can. Nine busy medics have revealed what supplem... read more

Ohio mother in court for ‘putting bag on daughter’s head’

 Queridea Young, 24, appeared before a judge in Ohio yesterday  Accused of putting the bag on her daughter for 30 minutes  Grandmother to the child, Venus Wh... read more

Is it normal to feeling faint on blood pressure pills?

As part of a weekly series, in association with LloydsPharmacy, Colin Dougall from LloydsPharmacy in Glasgow answers your common medicine queries… Colin D... read more

Autumnwatch sparks Twitter melt-down with ‘anal rub’ joke

A badger set was the subject of much social media mirth after Martin Hughes-Games made a serious of comments about ‘anal rubbing’  Describing the w... read more

Salim Mehajer threatens to rape man in recorded phone call

Disgraced businessman Salim Mehajer has allegedly threatened to rape a custom car mechanic in a vicious and expletive-ridden phone recording.  Police are inves... read more

Cocaine addicted killer stabbed a lecturer to death

Mark Loveridge, 39, (pictured) launched the unprovoked attack as Daniel Young, 30, walked through a park to a London Underground station A mentally ill man tol... read more

French DJs protests after government sound restrictions

French DJs and nightclub owners urge fans to protest new decree Noise restrictions have been imposed on music venues across Frasnce Lowers maximum sound level ... read more

Mothers sue Pop Warner football league over sons’ deaths 

Two mothers are suing Pop Warner over their sons’ deaths which they believe were caused by brain injuries sustained while playing football. Paul Bright Jr... read more

Dangerous rapist taunts police after going on the run

A dangerous rapist is on the loose after taking off his GPS ankle tracker is taunting the police hunting him. Damien Kennedy wrote ‘come get me mortherf**... read more

Increase in women seeking help for their inverted nipples

A surgery group has reported a huge spike in requests for nipple correction surgery – and celebrities going commando could be to blame. The Private Clinic... read more

Bedtime Bliss eye mask with thousands of glowing reviews

Getting a good night’s sleep is a struggle for many people, with countless hours spent tossing and turning. But now, an eye mask promises a night of bliss... read more

Tracee Ellis Ross, 44, goes braless in tuxedo jacket

She’s the daughter of pop diva Diana Ross. And Tracee Ellis Ross proved she was every inch as fabulous as her superstar mother when she partied the night ... read more

Lazio soccer club president pledges to fight anti-Semitism

By Associated Press Published: 12:10 BST, 24 October 2017 | Updated: 12:10 BST, 24 October 2017 ROME (AP) – The president of Lazio soccer club has visited... read more

‘Peeping Tom’ Halloween mask banned from Canada

Terrifying ‘peeping Tom’ style masks have been banned from stores in Canada after a flurry of complaints but are still available on Amazon in the UK... read more

Essex mother and autistic son kicked off bus for singing

A mother and her five-year-old autistic son were kicked off an Arriva bus twenty minutes out of town because he was singing, ‘The Wheels on the Bus’... read more