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Chicago fires 2 officers in United passenger dragging case

The Chicago Department of Aviation has fired two security officers who were involved in an incident in which a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines fligh... read more

Khloe Kardashian’s ex French Montana gets his belly rubbed

Khloe Kardahian’s ex French Montana is living the life. The hip hop star, 32, was having the time of his life as he frolicked in the ocean with several wo... read more

Three associates of MS-13 street gang plead guilty

Three associates of the MS-13 street gang have pleaded guilty to their roles in the revenge killing of a 15-year-old girl. The pleas Tuesday are the first convi... read more

Russian nuke bribes were known when uranium deal approved

The FBI was investigating a plot involving Russian kickbacks and bribes before the Obama administration gave a green light to a Moscow-controlled company gainin... read more

Blac Chyna sues ALL of the Kardashian clan

Blac Chyna is suing all of the Kardashian family, accusing them of damaging her brand and sabotaging her reality show with ex-fiancee Rob Kardashian. The 29-yea... read more

5,000-year-old ‘toy car’ is found in Turkey 

A toy chariot dating back 5,000 years – which archaeologists believe may be the world’s oldest ‘toy car’ – has been discovered in ... read more

Trump’s latest travel ban is blocked by judge in Hawaii

A federal judge in Hawaii blocked the Trump administration Tuesday from enforcing its latest travel ban, just hours before it was set to take effect. U.S. Distr... read more

Orangutan uses a straw to clean her ears and belly button 

Sprout the organutan was filmed cleaning her ears and belly at Dudley zoo  Keepers at the zoo described six-year-old Sprout’s antics as a ‘beauty d... read more

Real Madrid 1-1 Tottenham: Spurs withstand heavy pressure

Forget Harry Kane for one moment. After this, the player Tottenham may have to keep out of the clutches of Real Madrid next summer is Hugo Lloris. Their interes... read more

ZTE reveals folding handset that can turn into a tablet

ZTE has revealed the first folding phone, beating Samsung and LG to the punch. The new Axon M has two 5.2′ displays, which can be used to show separate a... read more

Pranksters almost get shot after a man pulls a gun on them

Footage shows two pranksters exiting their car at a gas station  and approach a man as if they were about to rob him After a brief struggle, the man pulls out... read more

Louisiana ‘serial killer’ arrested after he called police

Confession: Ryan Sharpe, 36, was arrested in connection to three shootings in Louisiana after he called police and confessed  A suspected serial killer was arr... read more

George Soros has given away $18billion of his fortune

George Soros has quietly given away most of his multi-billion fortune. For the past two years, the 87-year-old hedge fund manager has donated $18billion to Open... read more

Ohio man on trial for killing ex’s mixed race boyfriend

A 24-year-old man is on trial in Ohio for fatally shooting his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend after calling him the ‘N-word’ and posting a half... read more

Ben Affleck heads back to rehab after turbulent week

He’s been open about his demons after battling alcoholism for much of his adult life. And Ben Affleck was seen heading for another session at the Rehab R... read more

Rape survivor Gabrielle Union talks about #MeToo campaign

She was raped at gunpoint at 19 as she closed up the Payless shoe store where she was working. And Gabrielle Union, now 44, opened up about the #MeToo social me... read more

Ohio mom who taped toddler son to wall pleads guilty

An Ohio mother who was arrested earlier this year after she taped her toddler son to a wall and shared a Facebook Live video of the incident has agreed to a ple... read more

California woman stole from fire evacuees in Santa Rosa

Katie Lehnhard, 31, was arrested for stealing from fire evacuees in Santa Rosa, California A woman in Petaluma, California, has been arrested for stealing credi... read more

NTSB says Benadryl impaired Texas hot air balloon operator

Investigators say the pilot of a Texas hot air balloon that crashed and killed 16 people flew with enough Benadryl in his system to have the equivalent blood-al... read more

Mining operations to begin at nuclear dump in New Mexico

Workers are expected to begin mining operations at the US nuclear waste dump in New Mexico for the first time in three years following a radiation release that ... read more

How to avoid catching a disease from public toilets

The dreaded place of questionable smells, dark tiled walls and the harshest toilet paper you’ve ever used in your whole life.  Welcome to public toilets.  T... read more

Brigitte Macron urges women to ‘break silence’ over abuse

Brigitte Macron has urged women to speak out against abusive men after French Elle put a murder victim on its front page, in retaliation to a rock magazine doin... read more

White Utah high school cheerleaders shown saying N-word

A shocking video of five high school girls giggling as they repeatedly blurt out the N-word has surfaced.  The girls are seniors and juniors at Weber High Scho... read more

Colorful Eyeliner on Stars Like Rihanna and Hailey Baldwin

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean your make-up palette has to be devoid of bright shades. Stars like Rihanna, Hailey Baldwin and Priyanka Chopra a... read more