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Ukraine’s president signs controversial education law

By Associated Press Published: 09:59 BST, 26 September 2017 | Updated: 14:34 BST, 26 September 2017 MOSCOW (AP) – Ukraine’s president has signed a c... read more

Labour MP mocked Prince Harry’s Army career

Emma Dent Coad launched a vicious attack on the Royals at Labour conference She wrongly claimed Prince Harry was not able to fly Apache helicopters  And she cl... read more

Horror of the Blitz in London as never seen before

The horror of the Blitz in London has been brought to life after a set of fascinating photographs were colourised. The chilling images reveal terrified citizens... read more

Murder probe launched after Fleckney pensioner found dead

A murder probe has been launched after a church-going pensioner was found dead in an apparent botched burglary at her village home. Police were called to a bung... read more

ViralNova users share the biggest design fails

People from around the world have shared the biggest design fails Some of them will leave you asking: ‘what were they thinking?’ Includes disabled t... read more

Fascinating photographs reveal the history of Scalextric

It grew from humble beginnings into a British institution that is still hugely popular among children today. And a fascinating series of photographs has reveale... read more

Ivanka’s China business ties are shrouded in secrecy

It is no secret that the bulk of Ivanka Trump’s merchandise comes from China. But just which Chinese companies manufacture and export her handbags, shoes ... read more

Former Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd dies aged 76

Freddy Shepherd passes away peacefully at his home, his family announce The 76-year-old was in charge of Newcastle throughout their successful 90s Alan Shearer ... read more

Mother of nine-year-old drag slammed for ‘sexualising’ son

The mother of a nine-year-old drag queen has been criticised for ‘sexualising’ her child, after he adopted a female alter ego at the age of seven. ... read more

Ben Stokes arrested on suspicion of assault on night out

Ben Stokes was arrested on suspicion of assault on Monday morning and held overnight after an incident on a night out in Bristol. The England cricket star has b... read more

Sir Jeremy Heywood’s chauffeur driven car costs £24,000

A chauffeur-driven car that takes top mandarin Sir Jeremy Heywood to work costs £24,000, it was revealed today. The vehicle was used by the Cabinet Secretary, ... read more

Indian man abandons his family to live with cows

A husband and father-of-two in India has abandoned his family to live full-time with his cows, who he thanks for saving his life. Vijay Parsana, 44, is so obses... read more

Thousands in Sydney without power after flash of light

Twitter users reported seeing exploding light in the direction of Darling Harbour Others were quick to say there had been a mass blackout in their region Report... read more

Muslim leader says girls who wear shorts cursed by Prophet

Islamic school board member Almir Colan is against schoolgirls wearing shorts He said women who imitated men would be cured by The Prophet Mohammed He is concer... read more

Meet the glamorous gown-wearing globetrotter

While sun cream and guide books might be travel essentials for many, this stylish globetrotter won’t go anywhere without a dramatic ball gown in tow. Nina... read more

Sister of murder victim hit by car by a Vegas courthouse

A murder victim’s sister was hit by a car driven by a female relative of the suspected killer outside the court where she could appear as a witness.  Que... read more

Cherie Blair’s actor father Tony Booth dies aged 85 

Cherie Blair’s actor father Tony Booth has died aged 85. Pictured, the pair celebrating after she was sworn in as a QC Cherie Blair’s actor father T... read more

Concerns grow over China’s obesity rate

Schools in a Chinese city have been unable to break athletic records for up to 40 years, state news agency Xinhua revealed. The report cited statistics from an ... read more

Florida teenager ‘steals sheriff’s deputy uniform’

Police have arrested 18-year-old Isael Ibrain Lima (pictured) who allegedly stole his uncle’s cruiser, sheriff’s deputy uniform and firearm before c... read more

Cancer-stricken boy cries for his mother on hospital bed

This is the heart-breaking moment a cancer-stricken boy in China cried for his mother in his hospital bed after undergoing painful treatment. But what the two-... read more

Passengers flee Tower Hill station after a ‘bag exploded’

Worried passengers were evacuated from busy station today amid ‘blast’ claims Police have since confirmed the incident was caused by a faulty mobile... read more

Otto Warmbier’s parents reveal his tortured state

Otto Warmbier’s parents have revealed for the first time the horrific state he was in when he returned from North Korea after being tortured into a coma. ... read more

Croatia central bank urges lenders to offer fixed interest rates

By Reuters Published: 13:35 BST, 26 September 2017 | Updated: 13:35 BST, 26 September 2017 ZAGREB, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Croatia’s central bank has ca... read more

University of Michigan grad student kneels for a whole day

A University of Michigan graduate student knelt down on campus all day on Monday to protest against Donald Trump and social injustice as demonstrations erupte... read more