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Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden reveals wedding joy

There isn’t much that flusters the Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden – until he arrived at his own wedding without the rings. In the first exclusive ... read more

New Jersey man found maggots in convenience store sandwich

A New Jersey man found maggots in a sandwich he ordered from a convenience store. Chris Garcia, 22, bought a buffalo chicken cheesesteak hoagie on Saturday from... read more

Martin Luther King’s daughter hits out at protest critics

Martin Luther King’s daughter took to Twitter this weekend to hit out at President Donald Trump and those angry at NFL players who knelt during the nation... read more

Boston scientists discover biomarker to detect CTE

Too late: When Aaron Hernandez was alive there was no test to see whether he had the football-linked brain disease CTE, which was discovered in postmortem exami... read more

Mark Foley claims he was swindled out of Porsche

Former U.S. Congressman Mark Foley is among dozens of rich and powerful Palm Beach, Florida, residents who may have been taken for a ride by the owner of a ban... read more

Aerosmith cancel tour dates as Steven Tyler taken ill

Aerosmith have cancelled several tour dates after frontman Steven Tyler suffered a medical emergency. The 69-year-old rocker posted a statement on his official ... read more

North Korea redeploys jets after threat to shoot US planes

North Korea has relocated its warplanes and bolstered air defenses along its eastern coast after accusing President Trump of declaring war. The move, which was ... read more

Fatberg of congealed waste clogs Baltimore sewer

The United States and the United Kingdom are the two nations that report the most fatbergs.  Both nations produce copious fatberg ingredients and they also hav... read more

Caving club suspended after student left behind for 60 hours

By Associated Press Published: 17:39 BST, 26 September 2017 | Updated: 19:49 BST, 26 September 2017 BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (AP) – Indiana University has suspen... read more

Obamacare repeal in U.S. Senate collapses as Republicans falter

By Reuters Published: 19:40 BST, 26 September 2017 | Updated: 19:40 BST, 26 September 2017 By Susan Cornwell WASHINGTON, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Another Repub... read more

Pennsylvania man who ‘shot ex-girlfriend’s mom’ found dead

Gregory Feldman (pictured), 30, who was accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend’s mother, was found dead on Monday night A Pennsylvania man, who was accused... read more

Child dies after left in car on Alabama college campus

Dra Kadyn, 3, was left in a hot car on Monday from 8am until 4pm by which time he died A three-year-old child has died after being left inside a hot car on a co... read more

Poodle in China grabs a toddler’s electric scooter

It was filmed in Changshu in eastern-central Jiangsu Province on September 9  A toddler struggled to operate an electric scooter when the dog saw its chance It... read more

Woman’s possible kidnapping in LA caught on video

The Los Angeles Police Department has released a chilling surveillance footage depicting a possible kidnapping, in which a man is seen snatching a woman from th... read more

Michigan wife arrested for ‘trying to run husband over’

Amber K Schomaker, 28, reportedly tried to run over her husband and the couple they were swinging with at a Bay City, Michigan party The husband told police sh... read more

Queensland girl loses half her lip after dog attacks her

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT  Zoe Nolan sustained a serious facial wound after the neighbour’s dog bit her The five-year-old was playing in the backyard when... read more

Iceberg breaks off Antarctica’s Pine Island Glacier

A huge iceberg four times the size of Manhattan has broken off of an Antarctic glacier. The calving is the second time in two years that a massive iceberg has s... read more

Clarence Thomas honored inside new Smithsonian museum

An exhibit featuring Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas opened over the weekend at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Cu... read more

Karlie Kloss towers above pal Bianca Brandolini d’Adda

She’s fresh from storming the runways for the Alberta Ferretti SS18 catwalk show during Milan Fashion Week. So Karlie Kloss was able to relax and enjoy as... read more

Friends insist Tasmania mother of drowned girl was good

Friends of a mother whose baby drowned in a bathtub have rushed to defend her after it emerged that child services were investigating her before the girl’... read more

The day the Queen and became a recording album

The Queen and Princess Margaret recorded an album of nursery rhymes as a present for the Queen Mother’s 90th birthday, it has been revealed.  Laurie Holl... read more

Bunny Mellon was asked by JFK to design Rose Garden

Style icon Rachel ‘Bunny’ Mellon, a private socialite who was best friends with Jackie Kennedy, lived by the principle that a woman’s name sh... read more

Woman coins the term ‘hepeating’ for corporate world

A woman has come up with a helpful term to help describe a category of sexist situations in the workplace, which involve a man repeating a female coworker’... read more

Police chief ‘interfered with conduct investigation’

Superintendent Gez Chiariello is already suspended pending an investigation A probe is underway into his alleged gross misconduct with female officers He was ar... read more