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Disney reveal new Star Wars Han Solo spin-off film title

Disney revealed the title of the new Star Wars Han Solo spin-off film on Tuesday.  Ron Howard – who took over the directorial role from Phil Lord and Chr... read more

Trump’s net worth slashed $600m by Forbes to $3.1 billion

1. Bill Gates, 61. Microsoft co-founder. $89 billion – up $9 billion 2. Jeff Bezos, 53. Amazon founder and CEO. $81.5 billion 3. Warren Buffett, 87. Berks... read more

Howard University evacuated over active shooter reports

Howard University evacuated one of its buildings on Tuesday amid reports of an active shooter that turned out to be a false alarm.  At midday, police announced... read more

Ancient microbial life may have left fingerprints on Mars

Researchers simulating ancient microbial life on a mini ‘Mars farm’ have uncovered chemical processes that could help guide the search for alien life. By an... read more

Virginia baby smiles hearing mom’s voice for first time

A Virginia baby was able to hear her mother’s voice for the first time Emotional footage captured the moment the baby smiles as she looks confused It̵... read more

Prisoner try infamous ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ behind bars

Video was filmed on an illegal mobile phone in HMP Erlestoke in Wiltshire Inmates can be heard shouting ‘you gotta swallow it’ during challenge Find... read more

Americans may soon need a passport for domestic flights

The Real ID Act was passed more than 10 years ago to crack down on fake IDs  Stricter standards are soon to be required before state-issued IDs are provided  ... read more

Furious parents slam Harrods for ‘ruining Christmas’

Furious parents have slammed Harrods for ‘ruining Christmas’ after their grotto booking system left children missing out on a chance to meet Santa. ... read more

Moment Indiana race-car driver plows over rival’s car

Two drivers literally drove each other crazy in Indiana on Saturday when a speedway race escalated into a combined demolition derby and fistfight that only ende... read more

‘Madmen’ gatecrashers injure eight with car in Machester

This is the terrifying moment ‘madmen’ repeatedly drove a car into crowds at a 65th birthday party. Shocking CCTV footage shows three men, who gatec... read more

MI5 chief says UK terror threat is highest in 34 years

The head of MI5 today warned Britain is facing the biggest terror threat of his 34 year career – as he said tech giants have an ‘ethical responsibil... read more

California teacher kneels for national anthem

A California high-school teacher has been escorted off campus for kneeling through the national anthem during a school assembly. Chemistry teacher Windy Pappas ... read more

The humble roundworm offers hope for dementia sufferers

The humble roundworm may offer clues in the fight against dementia and Huntington’s disease. Scientists discovered that when the creature is taught to sn... read more

Man surrenders to police after 1,000 Facebook shares

Michael Martin Zaydel (pictured), 21, was placed under arrest on Monday  A Michigan man who said he would turn himself in to police and buy the department donu... read more

Colourblind man sees colour for the first time

The latest sensation to sweep the internet will leave you undeniably touched, as people who have never seen red, experience the colour for the first time. Now i... read more

Chinese cat realises its just been neutered in funny video

A cat in China is in for a shock when it sees that it has been neutered mid-clean Hilarious video shows the American Shorthair with its mouth open in disbelief ... read more

Israeli Labour chief says no need to quit settlements for peace

By Afp Published: 18:47 BST, 17 October 2017 | Updated: 18:47 BST, 17 October 2017 Avi Gabbay, pictured in July 2017, said the concept of having to pull out of ... read more

Trump warns McCain that fight ‘won’t be pretty’

President Donald Trump issued a fierce warning to Sen. John McCain this morning after the Arizona lawmaker came at him in a speech on Monday evening. McCain app... read more

Terry Butcher’s son ‘split with wife’ before death

Former England captain Terry Butcher’s son had split from his wife before his sudden death and had been unwell for a long time, his neighbours revealed. ... read more

Millie Mackintosh asks former love rival Rosie Fortescue

She originally caused their year-long romance to dramatically come to an end in 2012. Now proving that their fallout is truly water under the bridge, it has bee... read more

Kerry Washington assumes her Scandal role in Allure

She’s known for her role as a problem solver on her hit political drama television show Scandal. And Kerry Washington admitted in the November issue of Al... read more

Facebook tests new resume feature to take on LinkedIn

Facebook is testing a new resume feature, according to screenshots posted on Twitter.  The new feature would put Facebook in competition with LinkedIn, the pro... read more

Delivery guy hurls Amazon package at front door of home

Video shows a man walking up to an Illinois home to deliver an Amazon package But midway, the man stops and hurls the large package onto the home’s porch... read more

Hong Kong pooch relaxes in Jacuzzi style bubble bath

Chiko is a dog in Hong Kong who likes to take long bubble baths after walks Hilarious video shows him wrapped up in a towel and sitting in a candle lit bath The... read more