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Aidan Martin’s cocaine habit ‘spiralled’ after X Factor

He made an emotional return to The X Factor, a decade after being booted off the show in 2007. Now Aidan Martin has revealed how he hit rock bottom after his fa... read more

Canadian man becomes bodybuilder champ after two years

One 21-year-old Canadian bodybuilder may be stealing hearts and winning awards left and right for his hunk body and Herculean poses, but his rippling abs and ma... read more

Leicester woman found dead ‘after botched burglary’

Jane Hings (pictured) was discovered by a carer on Sunday morning A spinster found dead in her bungalow following an apparent botched burglary had previously up... read more

Feuding female neighbours brawl in Queensland Woolworths

An argument between two feuding neighbours became physical at Woolworths Women began arguing before Jessica Staib pushed her neighbour into a shelf After the wo... read more

Italian fitness instructor, 40, marries HERSELF

An Italian fitness instructor who became fed up of searching for Mr Right for 20 years has found the answer staring her in the face all along – and has ma... read more

Britain and America are on the brink of trade war

Britain and America are on the brink of a trade war after the UK threatened to end its military contracts with the US aerospace company Boeing.    British Pri... read more

Saying you are English is racist, claims Llewelyn-Bowen

‘I don’t often use the term “England” because I think it’s racist,’ says Llewelyn-Bowen Dandyish Changing Rooms presenter Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is... read more

Why HAS Trump let Britain down?

President Donald Trump (pictured) declared he would put America first and protect US manufacturing When President Trump declared he would put America first and ... read more

Why the Saturday pint and a curry is on the wane

A cultural shift is seeing a decline in the tradition of a night in the pub followed by a curry or a chow mein. For pubs, Indian and Chinese restaurants are shu... read more

Private firms may be given powers to arrest people

Private firms may be given new powers to arrest people in a controversial move that has raised alarm. The proposals would allow, for the first time, staff from ... read more

Melbourne man pays for massage using fake $100 note

A Melbourne man paid for a massage with a fake $100 note at a massage parlour The counterfeit money was exchanged in Springvale on September 15 at 6:30pm After ... read more

Equifax apologizes as U.S. watchdog calls for more oversight

By Reuters Published: 00:00 BST, 28 September 2017 | Updated: 01:45 BST, 28 September 2017 By John McCrank Sept 27 (Reuters) – Equifax Inc promised to mak... read more

Perth mother claims Asian hacker used her baby monitor

A young mother has shared her horror after Asian hackers allegedly infiltrated her baby monitor and used it to spy on her family. Perth woman Katie McMurray bou... read more

More than 400,000 affected by Ryanair flight cancellations

Ryanair was accused of cancelling Christmas last night after wrecking the plans of 400,000 more passengers. Two weeks after scrapping 2,000 autumn flights, the ... read more

Golden Gaytime Crumbtins hit grocery store shelves

Golden Gaytime’s newest craze Crumbtins hit grocery store shelves this week Crumbtins debuted in January at pop up shops in Melbourne and Sydney The deman... read more

Teams return to practice, unity displays still in focus

As NFL teams returned to practice Wednesday, some conversations turned to football. Not all. The operative topic remained the demonstrations of unity each team ... read more

Former treasury minister Mark Hoban misled jobs watchdog

Mark Hoban was given green light for a job after telling officials he had had no contact with accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Treasury documents show h... read more

White Helmets Army display team appear for the final time

The world famous White Helmets, motor cycle display team of the Royal Signals has finally parked up their 750cc Triumph motorcycles for the last time after ente... read more

VW lorry firm is fined £771m for price-fixing

The EU handed a Volkswagen-owned truck-making firm a £771million fine yesterday for taking part in a price-fixing cartel that saw thousands of British customer... read more

Blake Colman begged to interview Jessa Rhodes

He’s the former male model, entrepreneur and keen YouTuber who has been ruffling more than a few feathers on The Bachelorette this season. And it seems B... read more

Pedro Caixinha doesn’t know if Rangers squad is behind him

Pedro Caixinha admits he won’t know for certain if he’s in charge of a divided Rangers squad – until he sees them in action against Hamilton on Friday nig... read more

‘You look like a busty Cheryl’: Rhian Sugden sends fans

She’s made a career out of flaunting her enviable figure in an array of scantily-clad ensembles. However it’s not only Rhian Sugden, 31, buxom frame... read more

Sunrise nudist almost has a nip slip on live television

A young nudist has almost suffered a blooper moment after she nearly had an accidental nip slip while live on air. Tash Ralphs, a nudist from Queensland, was on... read more

Bali escapee Shaun Davidson celebrates 100 days on the run

Bali escapee Shaun Davidson is celebrating 100 days on the run from police. The Australian-born former inmate broke out of notorious Kerobokan prison in June wi... read more