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M1 crash victims named after identified by fingerprints

The eight victims of the M1 horror crash were so severely injured they had to be identified by their fingerprints, an inquest has heard. The six men and two wom... read more

Cheryl hits back at transgender model Munroe Bergdorf

L’Oréal ambassador Cheryl has responded to Munroe Bergdorf for dragging her name into the ongoing race row surrounding the transgender model. A spokespe... read more

Sydney woman who killed ex-fiance’s neighbour not guilty

A woman who brutally strangled and bashed her ex-fiance’s elderly neighbour to death has been found not guilty by reason of mental illness. Marita Therese... read more

Danger signs missed for Ayeeshia Smith from Birmingham

Ayeeshia-Jayne Smith was repeatedly let down by Derbyshire County Council social services before her mother stamped her to death A toddler murdered when her mot... read more

Inventor accidentally dropped sub hatch on journalist

The Danish inventor accused of murdering a Swedish journalist on his home-made submarine has finally revealed what happened before he dumped her body in the sea... read more

Testing Dear Kates, yoga pants for your period

The thought of not wearing underwear during that time of the month is just too risky for most women. And going commando at the gym, where one lunge or squat cou... read more

Prostate Cancer UK says GPs are ignoring black men

Time-stretched doctors are ignoring black men who face double the risk of prostate cancer, a charity warns. Prostate Cancer UK said such patients are ‘sli... read more

Serdar Atesok shoots dead Nathan Knight in Melbourne

A senior judge says it’s ‘unfortunate’ he bailed a man who, weeks later, fatally shot another man in the eye with a rifle from a moving car. S... read more

Upstate New York town mayor resigns after he was arrested

The mayor of an upstate New York town resigned after he was arrested on child pornography charges.  Rick Nelson, 62, was arrested and charged with one felony c... read more

Trump tells Congress ‘get ready to do your job’ on DACA

By Francesca Chambers, White House Correspondent For Published: 13:44 BST, 5 September 2017 | Updated: 14:07 BST, 5 September 2017 President Donal... read more

Man arrested after pig head left at Stockleigh mosque

A man has been arrested after a severed pig’s head was left at the front gate of a mosque in Queensland. The decapitated head was left at the front gate o... read more

Squeamish video shows man having eyeball surgery

Many people don’t like the thought of their eyeballs being touched, even by themselves. But spare a thought for this man who has undergone a surgical proc... read more

Britain’s longest running planning row ends after 58 YEARS

Britain’s longest running planning row has been resolved – but has dragged on so long that the siblings who first contested the status of a ‘p... read more

Florida pastor is moving into a glass house with wife

A South Florida pastor is taking the saying ‘people who live in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones’ to an extreme. Troy Gramling, head of th... read more

Police arrest naked brothers at a California church

Police have arrested two brothers who broke into a church naked, barricaded themselves inside and trashed it. Paul Vincent Vielkind, 24, and Brandon Joseph Viel... read more

Headteacher ‘used school cash to claim trip to New York’

Melanie Rose, 46, allegedly used her piggy bank for criminal expenses claims for more than three years A headteacher fraudulently splashed her school’s fu... read more

Boaters duck for cover to avoid hailstones in California

This is the heart-stopping moment a terrified group of wake-boarders were rained down upon by hail stones the size of golf balls, leaving them scrambling for co... read more

Flying taxi firm Lilium raises $90m in funding 

Lilium, a German start-up with ambitions to develop a ‘flying taxi’, has raised £70 million ($90 million) in funding to make its flying car a reali... read more

Dorothy was swept off to Oz with a donkey in 1910 version

Fans of the Wizard of Oz may have become accustomed to seeing Dorothy with her trusty sidekick Toto at her side, but the original had two donkeys cast. Footage ... read more

Teacher suspended after slapping over 20 students in China

The teacher was filmed assaulting his students on September 1 in China He can be seen slapping at least 20 students in class  According to reports, he was angr... read more

Narcoleptic Tennessee girl needs puppy to wake her

A seven-year-old girl with narcolepsy needs $15,000 to train her new puppy to wake her if she stops breathing during the night.   Maddie Jordan, from Tennesse... read more

Piers Morgan blasts ‘formerly gay’ doctor Mike Davidson

A doctor who claims he was ‘cured’ of homosexuality and can help other people become straight was slammed by Piers Morgan today in a heated TV debat... read more

Baby is taught to fear Santa in 1919 experiment

Horrifying footage in which a baby is conditioned to fear fluffy animals and Santa Claus has emerged online – in what is considered to be one of early twe... read more

Aberdeen teenager who stabbed pupil to death unmasked

Daniel Stroud (pictured during his trial in March 2016) can today be named as the person who killed Bailey Gwynee in school in Aberdeen  The teenager who stabb... read more