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Moscow boy breaks bones after flung from bouncy castle

Video shows horrific moment the boy is flung into the air before crash landing  The shocking accident took place in  the Krasnaya Presnya city park of Moscow ... read more

Man swaps suit for flip flops and sets up a Belize Airbnb

Most people can only dream of escaping the rat race. But, for one brave man, that wasn’t enough – and, to prove it, he swapped his entire life in Eu... read more

Photos reveal the weirdest things ever seen on a plane

Flights are usually long, tedious and boring – but these photo prove that’s not always the case. Some very odd passenger behaviour made these flight... read more

Kapanu 3D gives patients virtual view of expected health

If you want to see exactly what your teeth will look like after you have major work, scientists may finally have the answer. Pioneering new technology gives den... read more

Tracey Cox reveals the ten different sex personalities

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about opposites attracting – in bed it’s far more helpful to be similar. It’s not just frequency you need to agr... read more

Victorian dad dies of flu on his first Father’s Day

A 30-year-old Victorian man has passed away suddenly on what was supposed to be his first Father’s Day as a parent.  Ben Ihlow tragically died on Sunday ... read more

Irma storm ‘looks like the largest ever!’ Trump tweets

President Donald Trump put himself back in hurricane mode as Hurricane Irma smashed through the Caribbean on a track that could take it to Florida. Just days af... read more

Man claims Uber Eats driver stole wallet after delivery

Uber Eats drivers are supposed to make deliveries – but one opportunistic driver extended his duties to pick-ups after allegedly stealing a $3000 bag and wall... read more

Lions’ encounter interrupted when rhino charges at them 

Two lions were interrupted when by a white rhinoceros bull charged at them while trying to mate in the South African sunset.  The 70 second footage shows the p... read more

Dilapidated WWII Nissen hut transformed into stunning home

They were designed as cheap pre-fabs that could be put constructed in four hours, but this World War Two Nissen hut has outgrown its modest roots to go on sale ... read more

YouTube star jumps from a moving train into London dock

This is the crazy moment an extreme sports enthusiast jumps from an unmanned train into the water in the heart of London’s docklands.  Rikke Brewer poste... read more

Hit and run driver smashes into scooter rider in Clacton

This is the shocking moment a hit-and-run driver smashed into a man on a zebra crossing before shamelessly reversing away leaving the victim’s body on the... read more

British man who watched rape of boy on live stream jailed

Philip Crabtree, 35, from Stoke-on-Trent, was part of a sick ring who shared child abuse images and videos from the UK, US and Canada A British paedophile who w... read more

Chinese woman kneels and begs family for a C-section

Video footage shows the moment a pregnant woman in China kneels in front of her family, begging them to agree to a C-section.  Earlier reports claim that the f... read more

Five Guys burger waiter sent picture of genitals to a girl

Javaun Simpson sent the images in a bid to meet up with the teenager for sexual activity A Five Guys burger waiter sent a picture of his genitals to a 13-year-o... read more

Workers reveal craziest things they’ve been asked to do

Most people have been asked to do something that’s not in their job description, at some point or another. But spare a thought for these unfortunate emplo... read more

Founder of natural dog grooming products wins Shark Tank

She’s the most recent success story on Shark Tank, and she’s on a mission to helping Australian dogs feel and smell better than ever.  Melanie Newm... read more

Ex-pat couple build three-storey vertiginous house

An expat couple put their livelihood on the line when they decided to build an ambitious house on a plot of land they bought on the internet. After spending fou... read more

Yoga and meditation could help you get that promotion

Yoga and meditation could help you get that promotion, new research suggests. Just 25 minutes of stretching and mindfulness improves people’s goal-directe... read more

Australian tourist faces decades behind bars in Cambodia

An Australian tourist could spend a decade in a Cambodian jail after being arrested on drugs charges. Police in the coastal resort city of Sihanoukville allege... read more

Taxpayer-funded ad asks if terrorists have ‘grievances’

A taxpayer-funded Facebook advertisement asked if terrorists have ‘legitimate grievances’. The New South Wales government’s Multicultural NSW ... read more

Royal Navy chases Spanish civil guard ship off Gibraltar

A Royal Navy rigid-hulled inflatable boat this morning chased off a Spanish Guardia Civil boat in UK waters off Gibraltar. It did so after a Spanish patrol boat... read more

Stunning images show five new species of peacock spiders

At first glance, you might mistake these brightly-coloured spiders for mythical creatures from the latest science fiction blockbuster. But the spiders are very ... read more

Meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23% 

Eating meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23 per cent, new research reveals. People who consume the highest amounts of red meat raise their lik... read more