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Five Guys burger waiter sent picture of genitals to a girl

Javaun Simpson sent the images in a bid to meet up with the teenager for sexual activity A Five Guys burger waiter sent a picture of his genitals to a 13-year-o... read more

Workers reveal craziest things they’ve been asked to do

Most people have been asked to do something that’s not in their job description, at some point or another. But spare a thought for these unfortunate emplo... read more

Founder of natural dog grooming products wins Shark Tank

She’s the most recent success story on Shark Tank, and she’s on a mission to helping Australian dogs feel and smell better than ever.  Melanie Newm... read more

Ex-pat couple build three-storey vertiginous house

An expat couple put their livelihood on the line when they decided to build an ambitious house on a plot of land they bought on the internet. After spending fou... read more

Yoga and meditation could help you get that promotion

Yoga and meditation could help you get that promotion, new research suggests. Just 25 minutes of stretching and mindfulness improves people’s goal-directe... read more

Australian tourist faces decades behind bars in Cambodia

An Australian tourist could spend a decade in a Cambodian jail after being arrested on drugs charges. Police in the coastal resort city of Sihanoukville allege... read more

Taxpayer-funded ad asks if terrorists have ‘grievances’

A taxpayer-funded Facebook advertisement asked if terrorists have ‘legitimate grievances’. The New South Wales government’s Multicultural NSW ... read more

Royal Navy chases Spanish civil guard ship off Gibraltar

A Royal Navy rigid-hulled inflatable boat this morning chased off a Spanish Guardia Civil boat in UK waters off Gibraltar. It did so after a Spanish patrol boat... read more

Stunning images show five new species of peacock spiders

At first glance, you might mistake these brightly-coloured spiders for mythical creatures from the latest science fiction blockbuster. But the spiders are very ... read more

Meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23% 

Eating meat increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 23 per cent, new research reveals. People who consume the highest amounts of red meat raise their lik... read more

Girl died from meningitis after rash dismissed as bruise

A six-year-old girl died from meningitis after nearly a two-hour wait to see a doctor who then dismissed her rash as ‘just a bruise’. Layla-Rose Erm... read more

Rees-Mogg says he opposes abortion even when women raped

Appearing on ITV’s GMB today, Jacob-Rees Mogg said his devout Catholic faith meant he could not support gay marriage A potential candidate to replace Ther... read more

Norwich woman stole Instagrams of other people’s babies

Kati Ringer, seen outside court, targeted two strangers, copied and hijacked their Instagram accounts and claimed the women’s infants were her own A 21-ye... read more

Adidas launches Oktoberfest beer and vomit-proof trainers

Adidas claims the new trainers will repel any spilled beer or misplaced vomit The annual Oktoberfest in Munich attracts thousands of visitors to the event  Fan... read more

Landslides caused by Kim Jong-un seen in satellite images

An oil embargo would do little or nothing to reduce Kim Jong-un’s nuclear programme Top of the list for new sanctions on North Korea after its sixth nucle... read more

Pippa Middleton spotted on her 34th birthday in London

With her nuptials rumoured to have cost in excess of £1m, Pippa Middleton will no doubt be celebrating her birthday this year in style. But the Duchess of Camb... read more

Qld police pull over car with driver sitting on mattress

Queensland Police have released images of car pulled over without seats  A 30-year-old man was stopped by police driving with disqualified license  Officers f... read more

Eat fish while pregnant to protect kids from schizophrenia

Eating oily fish while pregnant may protect children from developing schizophrenia when they grow older, new research suggests. In trials on mice, scientists fo... read more

Shane Warne Googles himself and posts old paparazzi shot

With former cricket player Shane Warne nearing 50, he’s not looking as youthful as he once did in his hey-day. Maybe that’s why the 47-year-old made... read more

Dewsbury drink-drive killer avoids jail after attack

Emma Egan was convicted of assaulting a fan at a Drake concert. She is pictured leaving Manchester Magistrates Court A drink-drive killer who was freed from jai... read more

Marijuana use does NOT affect teenager’s IQ

Cannabis use does not affect teenager’s IQ, new research reveals. Taking the drug between the ages of 12 and 18 does not cause adolescent’s intellig... read more

New Zealand police welcome litter of adorable pups

Some day in the future they will guard airports from explosives and drugs, but for now the new litter of police pups are just having fun being adorable.  The &... read more

Woman says she ‘accidentally stabbed her husband to death’

A Sydney woman whose gambling husband suspected her of having an affair with her personal fitness trainer deliberately stabbed her spouse to death, a jury has b... read more

Images show 1920s flapper girls in new light

Stunning images of Flapper girls from the 1920s have been given a new lease of life by being colourised, showing the women of the era as they’ve never bee... read more